🔥 Tiger Shark with a Tuna stuck in his mouth 🦈

  1. If the mouth is stuck open, particularly brave cleaner fish might go in and munch on the free tuna, which would help break it up enough to swallow/spit out.

  2. Tuna are crazy fast swimmers, like more than twice as fast as tiger sharks. There's almost a zero chance this was a living, healthy tuna when the shark gulped it down.

  3. Also, tiger sharks are capable of chomping through sea turtles. Either this tuna was already in chunks, or the shark chomped it already and this portion will be mush in a day or so. The shark will be totally fine.

  4. This shark is going to cringe when he relives this moment in 5 years just as he is trying to go to sleep.

  5. I think sharks can go a really long time without eating. Weeks, maybe. And if this one already managed to swallow half that tuna, it will probably be fine until the head comes lose.

  6. I'm pretty sure the tuna is dead. That's mostly a tuna head you see there. Tuna have hard, bony heads, and it is lodged deep, well past the shark's teeth, so, yeah, that's gonna be tough to get rid of.

  7. Tunas already dead. Tiger sharks are too slow to catch them so the fish was probably already dead when the shark found it. The shark will be fine. It’ll throw the fish up well before it’s presence starts interfering with its ability to breath

  8. Sharks wcan vomit and even turn their stomaches inside out to clear obstructions. Happens often enough with tiger sharks and turtle shells.

  9. The shark is already dead. The tuna is wearing it as a disguise to stay safe from the other sharks. I think it's going to be just fine

  10. The shark will likely be fine. The fish should deteriorate fairly quick under water and become easier to swallow. Wouldn't be surprised if some brave fish started picking at it as well. They're savages

  11. The tuna is almost certainly already dead. The shark, on the other hand, stands a reasonable chance of survival. Sharks are cold blooded and don't eat as often as we'd think. Most sharks only eat once every 2-3 days, and it's not uncommon for some species to go weeks without a meal. And a shark can miss several meals before they're in jeopardy.

  12. Journalist to Tiger Shark (Sticking microphone into mouth) - “Sir, when do you think you will be able to get that removed?”…

  13. Well his teeth can't reach the tuna now not to mention tuna are THICC I don't think he could chomp it in half. Sharks are more of tear flesh away kinda lads not snappers in halfers.

  14. Well they don’t necessarily have to cut them into pieces but the biting does make the large fish more pliable by at least crushing the muscle and bones so the body isn’t as much of a big canister shape and more of a loose chain of ripped flesh.

  15. Found this post from 2021, did a bit more digging and a Marine Biologist responding stating the shark was probably full and being lazy. It has more than enough bite force to crunch the tuna.

  16. I'm not shark expert but is the shark in any danger of drowning if it can't properly cycle the water through its gills with the tuna in the way?

  17. Yes definitely possible. The shark already looks sluggish (although it may just be a bit confused) and buccal pumping may well ineffective with the mouth jammed open. This shark may be drowning already.

  18. At first I thought the tuna was riding in the sharks mouth and came up with a beautiful story about how they are friends and that shark believes the “fish are friends not food” mantra so fervently he’s even willing to let the fish ride around in its mouth!


  20. "Yep, that's me. You're probably wondering how I got into this mess. Well it started when I got the courage to ask Stacy to prom..."

  21. This may be the safest divers could be around a tiger shark given that they wouldn’t be given a chomp themselves.

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