10 Must-Read Books Set In Nebraska

  1. I read "Night of the Twisters" when I was a kid. It's the reason why, 30+ years later, I always put my shoes on when there is a tornado watch. Him walking barefoot through the rubble just really stuck with me all these years.

  2. You should switch out the Prairie trilogy with a group of links to the Bison Books editions. The Nebraska Press does great work and should have books represented in this list.

  3. Good list. I’d add Jim Harrison’s “Dalva” and “The Road Home”. Also “The Echo Maker” by Richard Powers.

  4. Forgot Evil Harvest. True and scary as hell. I knew some of the same people growing up not far from there

  5. I would swap The Stand and Children of the Corn. Granted the leave nebraska in the stand bit a good chunk of that massive book takes place in the state.

  6. I just remember my English teacher being overly excited for that book and the character of “Wicked Wick Cutter”

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