[UK] The Cuphead Show! (2022) - Animation. We follow the zany adventure of Cuphead and Mugman as they escape the gasps of The Devil. Based of the video game "Cuphead". Although inspired by 1930's rubberhose animation, the humour and story are reminiscent of the 1990's of my childhood.

  1. I only watched the first few episodes, it's not bad but not what most people were expecting. It's a modern show that tries to act like an old show, but the characters and writing really feels like a modern show aimed more for kids compared to how dark the game was.

  2. It's pretty goofy, it's definitely for kids rather than adults but I liked it. I had just watched the last episode when I made the post.

  3. Surprisingly not something adults can vibe over. It’s more Y than Y7, comparing it to 90s cartoons is a huge stretch. It’s just not witty or strange at all. Very basic kids cartoon. Looks pretty, but definitely not as interesting as I hoped it be.

  4. It came out a few days ago, I liked it, watched it all, then posted this after I saw nothing else had discussed it here.. What's the problem dude?

  5. Watched the first episode and half of the second, its humor didn’t land for me, I’ll wait for some reviews to know if it’s worth it for me to return to it

  6. Yeah I thought the 1st was decent but the 2nd episode was pretty underwhelming/anti-climactic. Think I'll give it one more episode since they're so short

  7. Who is this aimed at? Children don't play Cuphead - it's too hard and it came out nearly 6 years ago. Adults won't enjoy it, the content is aimed at children and not similar to the game

  8. I liked it for what it is. It's a weird thing. I don't think I've ever seen a period piece children's cartoon before. It's humor is modern, but it's obviously inspired by the old Nolan styled cartoons. It's respectful of its inspirations while still making something kids today would enjoy. Honestly I think it's great, it's going to introduce a boat load of new kids to the old cartoons and the time period in general.

  9. I think this shouldn’t be a kids cartoon. I wish a dark themed adult cartoon with intense surprising moments.

  10. Watching it as I type this. It’s great so far. It took the games minimal storyline and added to it beautifully. It’s a love note to all classic cartoons from the 30s and 40s, if you like those you’ll love this.

  11. I haven't watched it, but my 10 yo turned it off 1/2 way through the 1st episode. He said it was trying too hard to be funny

  12. Not as classic as the game I've got to say. They sing a few little songs that are fun but not exactly memorable.

  13. Kinda underwhelming. It's the same as the animation and writing - you can always see what they're going for, but that also means you can see what they aren't living up to.

  14. I watched the first episode because I loved the art style in the game. It was VERY mediocre and I struggled to get through the first episode, never watched anything after.

  15. I just wish they would fight the bosses instead of only running from them, I just finished the Toad episode and was excited for them to battle them! But they don't seem to do any fighting. It could have been set up like a battle anime for kids lol. Just my take.

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