Netflix via Turkey (Solved Problems and Procedure)

  1. There’s a good workaround for the mobile number issue. If you open a Netflix account in your own region (for example UK) just pay for 1 month and when the account is made add your phone number. Then cancel your membership and when it expires at the end of the month you can resubscribe through Turkey and Netflix will not ask for a phone number.

  2. Seems like it does not work. I have a UK account and when I try to sign up for Turkish Netflix, it still asks me a Turkish phone number...

  3. Yes I've heard this method before and I found the gift card option easier for me . Thanks for mentioning that

  4. So I have to wait till it expires right? Can't I just cancel subscription and resubscribe again through turkey at the moment itself?

  5. That's not the case. My Netflix account has existed since 2015 and it still wants SMS confirmation to reopen the account.

  6. This method doesn't appear to work using a VPN from Australia to turkey. I cancelled my subscription and I can't even login with my account on the turkish domain url

  7. I confirm that it works. I paid only 7$ for the Gift Card of 100TL with my european debit card. I used NORDVPN and had absolutely no issues. 2 minute job.

  8. They seem to be blocking access from the United States on Turkish accounts. It's said that the block only lasts for the first month, but I couldn't confirm it.

  9. This is so genius, I just got a premium Turkish subscription with the first free trial VPN that popped up on my phone and a Turkish gift card. It took 15 minutes total, BUT I cancelled Netflix about a week ago (and asked for a refund for my subscription, so I had a previous subscription that was no longer active) that may have allowed me to get around some things, I put my US phone number in and there wasn’t an issue. My question is.. my recurring payment is my US debit card, will this cause an issue?

  10. Once you add your card and pay for one month at your local price, you can resubscribe after connecting to the vpn and it will charge you the turkish price. If you already have the card saved in your account it should work for renewal. But you cannot add your card if you currently already have an active turkish subscription

  11. Hey just wanted to let anyone that is interested in adding the credit card know, in my case , i redeemed a gift card and than got asked if i wanted to add a credit card, i did and than got asked for a phone number, pressed the back arrow and tried again and then it just notified me something about an email and proceeded to ask me about devices i wanna use and so on and my netflix was set up, (this is on my own acc but i changed the payment method for the gift card and re-added my card), works fine and my card is still linked to the acc

  12. I've been using this for 6 months now without issues. I've also stacked up on my subscription until July. With the crash of TL, it's even cheaper compared to last year. No need to purchase gift cards with inflated prices like G2A. I purchase mine from a Turkish e-commerce website Trendyol. I just input my countries embassy as an address and use google translate to navigate the site. They sell their cards at the exact amount as the card value.

  13. That's true , I've heard the same issue before . Are you aware of any list that contains the full unsupported country list ?

  14. You set up payment with a card, so when gc balance goes to zero it will take from card. But I havent had any success with using 2 vcc. Anyone else card worked recently?

  15. Yes, the workaround is first pay with credit card for a month in your own country. Cancel membership wait till the month is over plus a day. Then use VPN, log into your account and you should be able to resubscribe. The creditcard is already known in your account hence no issues. I just finished this route today.

  16. Any issues using an already existing account? My sub is about to end in less than a week. I’m assuming the process is something like:

  17. Cancel your membership right now if you haven't already. When it expires, use Turkey VPN. you might need to try a few because ExpressVPN for example uses a virtual location, and Netflix detects that it's in the Netherlands.

  18. To add a credit card you just need to switch the VPN on, access your account page and then choose add payment method. Now switch the VPN off and choose credit card. Now that the VPN is off it will allow you to add a CC from your own country and if it asks for a mobile number you can use your own. It won’t revert the subscription cost to that of your own country, it’ll stay as lira.

  19. I have problem with captcha, "problem with connection, please try again" after selecting plan and gift card payment method and when I use reedem my code (at /redeem url address ) "An error.occurred during gift redemption - please try again later". I use urban vpn. Its redirecting me correctly to tr-en but I cannot redeem my gift card :( please help !

  20. I've heard the same issue again some days ago. It's vpn problem, probably banned server. Try other server or vpn

  21. I just redeemed a gc for new account and it was successful but when im going to watch it says cant be used in this location using normal connection. Does it mean i need to use vpn all the time?

  22. Hey i have not heard this situation before , it's probably because you used the same account . I do have Netflix via Turkey for a few months without any problems but my account was new

  23. Hi. to answer your question: I made a new account and used the GC method. It gives me no region issue, i dont use VPN in Europe. Also works when I VPN to USA.

  24. Oldubil. If u have turkish or for me, german mobile number. It is a virtual debit card service for Turkey. Worked on netflix today

  25. Thanks for the help. I still have some question about it. Once you paid one time with a gift card, can you put a credit card? I mean, it can be boring to buy a new gift card every months or 3 months … My other question is, what’s the best platform to buy gift card? I bought over eneba, but 200TL is around 20$ without taxes on their site, when it’s normally only 13,60$ ..

  26. No, the credit card option isn't working, at least for me and some other people tried . The prices are kinda higher than the actual selling one in turkey but way lower than regular prices over the world. I haven't found any cheaper site yet

  27. Do you have to use a VPN to your own country to avoid watching Turkish Netflix or does it not work like that

  28. You gonna pay via Turkey, but the content will be the one from your country. Check it out via seeing Top 10 right now or the available subtitles in a show. Both would be according to your country

  29. I was just about to buy a 100TL gift card on ENEBA but on the checkout page there is an important notice that says the following

  30. Yeah absolutely. They change this some months ago and now you need a new account for claiming the giftcard

  31. I'm having a hard time adding any backup payment method. The acc is # verified, but any US cards don't work with it. Any work around for that or am I stuck with gift cards? Was a brand new account btw since turkey method didn't work for my old acc.

  32. As mentioned, only giftcards . Some people commented about methods , try them if you want but I'm quite sure that they will not work

  33. I don't know , probably yes so try it. If it doesn't work , open a new one and proceed normally it will work

  34. I just tried this and the payment went through fine with gift card. Only issue is it won't let you watch Netflix from a different location (UK). Does work most of the time when you have your location set as Turkey but I wonder if I'm missing shows and films that will only be available for the UK. Also do you have to buy a gift card every month?

  35. I've got it working but it only works for the main user. All other users is says "sorry, your account can't be used on this device."

  36. Same issue here. It's kind of annoying because when trying to use it, even with a VPN set to Turkey on the TV, it will only show me Netflix originals. When I do it on my phone or tablet, and I'm connected to the VPN for Turkey, I am able to see and watch the full Netflix library there. It seems like they're cracking down on paying cheaper prices in other countries and not letting you watch it in different countries. I get the same message as you without the VPN. My Netflix account is years old also.

  37. i have an account if i switch to turky via vpn and paid with gift cards after i paid do i have to turn on the vpn evrey time i open netflix or is the vpn just for switching the region?

  38. The idea is that you dont use vpn and therefore have access to all content (turkey is limited in content). However some of us are getting restricted to turkey access only, while others seem to be fine. Not sure why. U can try without vpn, then use vpn if it doesnt work

  39. I signed up fine but I am unable to watch anything from the UK unless I use a VPN as I receive “your account cannot be used in this location”. Is there anyway to get around this

  40. Anyone else have any solutions for your account can't be used in this location? It does work if I set to streaming VPN in Europe, but really just wanted to not have to use a VPN in the first place outside of setup. I had an account that I let cancel and then reactivated it with the turkey gift card.

  41. I was using revolut for a long time to pay for Turkish Netflix, however the card expired a couple of months ago. To add the new card details, I had to switch back to a UK account and pay for a month with the new card.

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