June 24, 2022 - Weekly FAQ and Beginner Q&A Thread | If you are new to Neville, please post your questions here! How do I manifest X? What does Y mean?

  1. hi guys. I've watched one guy on the YouTube that explains that we have to let go of our desire after some time for it to become true. He was saying that neville was preaching that. I know that neville also was preaching persistence. I'm lost, since for example when i constantly think of negative things these things come true.And i didn't let go of these negative things i worried about them 24/7 and they came true. So why shouldn't it be the same for positive things? Why do we have to let go. Also the theory that everything what we assume is true wasn't also completely true for me. For example when Rihanna was pregnant, I saw a paparazzi photo of her picking up a little dress for a baby girl,and i assumed that she was having a girl,like literally. I even saw some tabloids post about her having girl. Later on i found out that she gave birth to a boy, so how could that be if i literally assumed and believed she would have a girl?

  2. I'm done with all the techniques to get into state of being in a relationship with my SP. I still want him, I haven't reached the Sabbath, but I can't visualize, I don't want to say any affirmation, nothing at all. I don't know what to do so I can manifest him. It has been like this for months, hope I can have some advised

  3. I think i have come to a realisation that this whole law of assumption is just silly and people think its true because some random insignificant things sometimes "manifest".

  4. I'm sorry my friend. I would stop reading other people's accounts - you have no clue what is truth or not, a fabrication or truth. And it doesn't matter.

  5. I wanted to manifest delay in re-opening of my college. I wanted them to re-open on 16th July. Guess who failed... ME! They're re-opening tomorrow.

  6. If you’re not new to Neville, then you should know that there is a specific example he gave that is exactly your situation.

  7. Just say it with confidence. I know out of 7 billion people the perfect person for me is headed my way. I look forward to meeting them soon.

  8. Because he was a student of the dark side of this. He was projecting. He is the one who did not believe in a Supreme Being. It is obvious that Neville did believe in the Supreme Being.

  9. I'm trying to manifest a decrease in height since last year, I'm not getting what I do? and also how to stop comparing my height with other people?

  10. Yes hear them in your head complimenting you or admiring you from a far. I would do that , be paranoid but I caught myself and realized I am living from assumption and imagining that . People would behave differently and kinder even strangers .

  11. Someone told you that you have OCD. That is limiting and well you are doing that to yourself. There is no OCD. Only perfect health. So it continues to worsen as your fear builds.

  12. Remember, you manifested your current life. Everything you experienced was your creation. Your beliefs create your reality, you just have to change them. You can use affirmations for example, you can try to script, or you can just live your daily life assuming you have what you want until you feel it true. Imagine your desire is just one way to do that.

  13. I want to clarify when you say Aphantasia do you mean you can’t visualize ? If so , You can use your other senses to imagine you don’t have to visualize . I use my smell , taste, touch/feeling , and sound . But if you do want to visualize what would imply you can ? Maybe you made a post on Reddit in the success section of this Reddit and you’re reading comments telling you congratulations. The feeling of accomplishment from reading that. You don’t need to see that in your mind . Neville had student that was blind that “felt/touch” of her desire fulfilled that was the sense she used and how she imagined . You’re always thinking from and accepting something as true .

  14. I am trying to reach I AM state and I am not pretty sure if I have done it. When I say I AM and feel that my beingness I feel like I have no desires. Just being in that state I feel complete and joyful. How to solve this “problem”?

  15. I used to struggle with ADD and not finishing things . To point I was on meds for me which didn’t help either after awhile tbh . I would imagine what implied I completed everything I started and consistent person . What helped me was hearing the voice of someone congratulating me how organized I was and on task I was . Just how the person wished they were like me on phone call . I did this when I was relaxed walking outside, before bed , or first thing waking up . Just anytime I felt little drowsy . That helped me alot .

  16. i made a mistake at work and it’s playing on my mind. i’m feeling anxious for the next time i go into work. can i revise that the mistake never happened (that i didn’t make the mistake)? if so, how can i do it effectively when i feel so worried about the situation.

  17. You know you can, you answered your own question. The pruning shears of revision lecture is something you should read again then reply to your situation.

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  19. Yes, and the final important note is, you must be a doer! You must apply these things to your life and not just read about them.

  20. To be perfectly honest, I have found different people STRONGLY advocating for their own beliefs regarding this, each claiming that their interpretation is the correct one.

  21. What to do if there’s a inner voice kept saying that you’re not good enough? How to stop wasting time on scrolling phone

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  23. Hi all - discovered Law of Assumption back in March and have been gradually becoming more immersed in it.

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  25. I’ve just reading Neville’s Prayer the art of believing and this will help you change how you perceive your friends and engender a change in their behaviour.

  26. I agree with @hymn—- do you want your SP? Or how your SP made you feel? I think that warrants some serious reflection and inner investigation. Sometimes we put our desire out into the universe a specific way… and the universe hears what we “truly” desire. And possibly this new person was who you truly desired…. Remember also… if you choose to believe that abandoning your old SP would be self deceptive, then it will be. But it’s a matter of perception. Be open, stay connected with Source, stay humble, stay grateful.

  27. Do you want the SP or do you want how that SP made you feel in a loving relationship? You need to be honest with yourself.

  28. I am A bit slow in the head but I really want to lean the law but it’s hard to learn at all. I try and try to read and understand but I flies over my head and I find myself in tears crying about how I don’t get it. I try everything I can to manifest with sats and a mental diet and belief but it doesn’t work and when I come to check why it hasn’t been working I get get frustrated and cry all over again because i don’t understand while it perfect works for everyone else.It feels like a cruel joke being played on me thinking I could ever go to collage and succeed in life as a rocket scientist with a disability . I was somewhat confident in my brainpower before this but this place has truly sucseeded in giving my nightly headaches and making me feel like the dumbest retard on earth. Please can anybody ,anybody at all give me a idiot proof , detailed guide on manifestation specifically changing how your mind interprets the 3D vrs your manifestations and how to properly mental diet and silence doubt.

  29. You just need to stick to your mental diet. It's like doing a normal diet while you're obese. You can do that for a week, maybe two, and follow it perfectly. Then, looking yourself in the mirror, seeing yourself still fat and drop it all because "it's not working". Results may come instantly, but for the majority of people it requires time.

  30. I’ve been applying the law. Tbh I feel like I am starting to be jaded and bitter and now I’m in a rut😣. Can anyone please help me get out? I was so sure I had a specific job. I got so close. Now I don’t have it . I almost immediately assumed it is because I had created something better and bigger.

  31. I am new and bit lousy in understanding,took help from a English knowing person to type this...A lady named Caroline is my crush...out of all the beautiful ladies on this planet I wish to be with her only...is She called my specific person..and I can manifest her by above techniques???I am at very beginning level..please tell me in simple English words

  32. Do SATS. Imagine an ending scene where you're living with her happily. For example maybe you're cuddling in bed together as an old couple in your nice home. Do it until it has all the tones of reality. Get your 5 senses involved. And be faithful to the image.

  33. CHRONIC ILLNESS - SYMPTOMS Hi guys. I just wanted to ask you if you have any advice on changing my state regarding HEALTH. I’m 23 now and I started getting countless weird symptoms at around 18-19. I’ve started studying Neville 2 years ago and my life has done a complete 180, it’s actually incredible - everything I desired I was able to experience it in my inner reality and then my outer, except for one thing: my health.

  34. Hi! I’m confused about revision. What story do I tell to people? The one that initially happened or the revised one? I tried revising a bad day I had which worked but left me confused because I don’t know what story to tell my friends and family because I really value honesty and felt like if I told them the revised one it would be lying. Any answers would be really appreciated :)

  35. When I have a bad day that I revise, I don't bother bringing it up with the people in my life. If they ask, I usually say something like "It was a bit of a rough day, but I'm feeling better now." If they push for specifics I just tell them I'd prefer not to talk about it right now.

  36. Hello! How could i help a friend who doesnt believe in the law? Should i visualize for him? Even if he told me he doesnt believe in such things? Thanks

  37. Yes, you can manifest for other people. An easy way to do this is to visualize them telling you of whatever it is that you manifest for them. For example, if you are manifesting that a friend heals their relationship with their father, you can imagine the friend telling you about a great conversation they had with their father recently.

  38. Hi just wanted to know what hold more power? Words or images? I mean do words hold more power over subconscious than images or is it vice versa?

  39. Your words bring up the images automatically. Verbs and nouns. Everything else comes from the feeling of the words being used.

  40. This is pure superstition and has nothing to do with Neville's teachings. There's no universe who grants wishes, there's only you and your imagination. Your beliefs create your reality, and you create your beliefs. It's as simple as that.

  41. Probably, from your new state, your SP became nothing. In my journey I understood how much your desires change once you change yourself.

  42. Yes exactly. This is because when you truly have something, you no longer feel a desire for it. Therefore when you have achieved the ascension to the state that you desire, you won’t feel like you want it anymore - you just have it.

  43. Hi! I manifested my SP in and then manifested him asking for my snap! Unfortunately, I manifested him in but then I found I didn’t like him anymore! Has anyone else had this experience? (And no, I don’t wanna manifest a different version of him, I’d rather manifest another person)

  44. Is it more essential to imagine or to believe? I.e. is it more effective to persistently imagine without necessarily believing or to persistently believe without necessarily imagining?

  45. if you’re imagining without any belief, then you’re lying to yourself and it’s almost pointless so I’d say, belief is the core, the foundation like it’s everything!

  46. the belief/feeling is what causes manifestations. imagining is just one of the many techniques you could use to settle into the feeling of your desire being granted

  47. Hello! I'm manifesting an sp for a long time we were this close to date but yesterday my toxic ex hacked on his account. My sp told me he gaves me a warning if that happens again he might stop contact with me. How do i prevent that? What should i do and why did that happened? I already over my ex why he did that

  48. Use revision to go over this situation from the hacking to your sp’s reaction. Everything! Also what are the assumptions you hold currently about your ex? Do you think he’s obsessive and not over you? You can assume that he has moved on and also found someone, so he isn’t bothered with you anymore. You can also assume that he’s happy that you’ve found someone but there might be some resistance to that one since he’s acting out. Try them all and see what feels most realistic to you. Keep persisting! This situation will smoothen out.

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