I wish we would’ve seen Winston’s and Aly’s wedding. That is all.

  1. I really want Lamorne and Nasim to date in real life. They did a movie after New Girl and they were great in that, too. They just..work.

  2. I think it's kind of like Maris from Frasier, or an unseen monster in a horror movie--whatever wild nonsense you can imagine will always be a little crazier than an actual reveal.

  3. Exactly. It wouldn’t be nearly as funny or as interesting in reality as it is the collective imaginations of the viewer. Not seeing it is the point.

  4. If they ever do a reunion/another season, I would fully expect a flashback to the chaos of that wedding, it would be amazing!

  5. I always think about the shipping cost to get all of those very large prizes from Japan. And then storing them for years. And transporting to the loft. And then getting them out of the loft.

  6. I finished the series for the first time only recently and thought that the whole season. Could have been a really great episode (or a few).

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