Sonic Frontiers - Announcement Trailer

  1. With Sonic, a pure CGI trailer tells me nothing except the name and date. Lets see if this is one of the games where the floor doesn't randomly disappear first.

  2. Yeah I love the idea of open world sonic, it actually makes a ton of sense. Zooming around the world with interconnected zones...

  3. I like the idea of big, open environments to run around in. God knows I've never been a big fan of the more on-the-rails style level design that the boost games are built on.

  4. Yeah, a big open map both works in my mind with how sonic should move, and fix the issue with big maps sometimes feeling tedious to traverse. I think there's potential for something good here, we'll just have to see how badly they muck it up.

  5. I mean, I'm pretty excited about the fact that the levels don't look like the straight lines they've been turning into since the boost mechanic was introduced. I have no idea how a game with this type of map is going to work as a Sonic game but I'm 100% interested in finding out if it does or doesn't.

  6. Why do they keep putting cartoon Sonic in such realistic-looking environments? It's so bizarre. Not only does it make him look really out of place, it also has serious performance impacts -- even the trailer looked like it was skipping frames.

  7. Honestly, that is my main concern. I mean, Open World Sonic can work, a more serious tone? Okay, that's more of a "wait and see" but it can also work. The thing is, while the environments certainly looked great, they didn't really felt very Sonic-like.

  8. The environments look gorgeous and the production value is surprisingly high. But they really don't look like Sonic though and look like they could belong to any other type of game, and that's not a compliment.

  9. This whole trend of cartoonish mascots parading around in photorealistic environments is very annoying and feels empty. I’d love for Sonic to be zooming around a cleverly created, 3D version of the Casino Night Zone rather than have him randomly appear in Hyrule fighting dragons.

  10. Its just the easy default thing to do. Its also a mostly empty space thats easy to optimise for trailers.

  11. Exactly. The character doesn't match the environment. They need to update his look to match the surroundings.

  12. This looks like it might be a darker game of sonic wish I hope. Need a more serious tone and shit and this game just be the next sonic game for next gen

  13. It’s actually being written by Ian Flynn who writes the comics, which is crazy because everyone’s been begging Sega to make him the writer ever since Forces and it actually happened. I can see it having a tone like Unleashed, a great mix of dramatic and goofy moments

  14. As long as they make Sonic feel nice to control an open world is a great idea to play with his speed. Let's hope this can break the curse of new Sonic games

  15. I want a sonic generations type game. I get nervous seeing this, like it might be another crappy game

  16. Wow I can't wait to play this great looking game on my Switch! My co-workers will be so jealous.

  17. It's in the uncanny valley territory. Realistic looking map with cartoon looking character that works with cartoon world law of physics just don't mix. I do hope I'm wrong though

  18. Has there been any good 3D Sonic game since Sonic Adventure 2 Battle? That was my favorite on Gamecube. I tried others on Gamecube and Wii, but they just got worse and worse each time so I gave up. Are there any of the same caliber of A2B on Switch?

  19. I believe the general consensus is that Sonic Colors (not the buggy port tho) and Sonic Generations are the best modern 3D Sonic games. Honorable mention to the daytime levels of Sonic Unleashed.

  20. sonic adventure 2 battle was one of my favourite games growing up but i think everyone remembers that game with nostalgia goggles on, i played it recently and it did not hold up.


  22. Someone mentioned the website calling it open zones, not open world. Which sounds alot like what happened to pokemon.

  23. An open world Sonic game made in 4 years? I’d imagine Sonic’s speed would be a problem for an open world game, but it has potential to be really fun. However, I just don’t have confidence in it being executed well.

  24. If Sonic Forces didn't burn me so hard I would at the very least be in the "cautiously optimistic" crowd but I can't do it anymore with this franchise unless this is actually a good game.

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