Yes you can increase your attractiveness by not fapping. The size of your Limbal ring will increase.

  1. Our limbal rings are darker when we’re young, fading and blurring as we age. Limbal rings may also be an indicator of the health of a person’s heart and circulatory system, because they are darker in those who have low levels of phospholipid accumulation — a risk factor for cardiovascular disease. In 2011, a team of researchers from the University of California at Irvine found that a darkened limbal ring is more attractive. But does it also signal healthiness?

  2. Mmmm I don't know. I just noticed I have a very thick ring. But I need a closeup from the past to confront

  3. Are wet dreams included as effective on attractiveness? I know they aren't a relapse but do they affect attraction?.

  4. No I don't think so. Wet dreams are totally fine. I Mean me on hard mode I get wet dreams and I don't feel any negative impact on my streak.

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