What drinks are associated with where you live? (Thinking it might be a cool bartop wood burning and resin project for me to make a world map with the various known and preferred beverages of the region)

  1. Y’know, ginger ale doesn’t actually help an upset stomach. Ginger does, but there’s barely any in most ginger ale brands. You’re better off drinking ginger tea.

  2. Scotland - Tennents lager, brewdog, Edinburgh Gin, the obligatory whisky - as long as it's not a blend.

  3. maryland - national bohemian (natty boh/boh, but no one actually puts old bay on the rim), dogfish head, IPAs

  4. Since alcohol is illegal in my country(iran) the most popular drink here is araq sagi(doggy sweat)which is basically vodka but hand made and will make you blind 30% of the time

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