Is it normal to cuddle my parents as an adult?

  1. I think your lucky to have that relationship to your adulthood. Dont worry about what other thinks or say, I wish I had such a relationship to my family.

  2. I was at a dealers a few years back an there was a few people my age in their family an there was a girl roughly my age, roughly 20 at the time an she went an sat on her mums knee an I thought it was really sweet, theres no way id do that, itd crush my mum (im still skinny) an my dads a male but I did think it was really sweet an I expected I didnt have that kind of thing cos I was a twin so we couldnt do stuff like sit on their knee cos theres 2 of us so we used to sit at a side each.

  3. My mom touched me too much as a child, my dad not enough, so now I don't like touching either of them. And I have a boyfriend to cuddle with, but even if I hadn't, I wouldn't cuddle my mom.

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