Women have three holes?

  1. Yes. Men's urethras carry urine and semen, merging the excretory and reproductive systems; women's urethras only carry urine. All reproductive stuff is separate.

  2. just to clarify; the "one for blood" is the vagina. ya know. where penis goes in and baby comes out.

  3. There was a lame university joke about this, the punchline being you can tell god is a city planner because he ran a toxic waste pipe through a recreational area.

  4. I know that a bunch of people wanna make fun of this question, but holy cow, I am a nurse and cannot tell you how many people don’t know this. I have cared for adult, pregnant women that were unaware of this.

  5. Some chick I grew up with had 3 children and still vehemently argued, on Facebook, that she doesn't use tampons because she'd have to take it out every time she peed. Countless people told her they personally use tampons and don't have to do this because they're not the same hole and she called them all sorts of names. Granted she was always a complete dumbass, but that one really got me.

  6. Same! The conversations I’ve had while inserting a catheter or coil have been some of my favourite. Have taught many women about their own cervix while I’m sticking a tube in there and explaining why it’s so painful and they feel like they need to poop and pass out.

  7. I needed to put a Foley in a patient going to ICU and her family (language barrier) wanted to refuse because they were worried about her virginity. So many layers of misunderstanding.

  8. I think I was 30-something before I knew the urethra is not part of the clitoris. Color me red- felt like that’s something I should have been taught somewhere along the way but my Catholic sex-ed only covered what not to do.

  9. There’s a story somewhere on reddit where a nurse (or doctor, they were involved in her medical care) had a patient who was coming in because she was having pain in her groin. She and her husband never had kids, apparently not for lack of trying. Anyway, long story short he had managed to have the coitus with her urethra, not her vaginal canal… for decades. She had never had a pelvic exam and they I guessed assumed one of them was infertile and never got checked out. The pelvic pain was from a UTI, but she had been having pain for years from sex… she just thought that’s how it was supposed to feel.

  10. It’s no stupid questions— the perfect place to ask this, too! Far, far better for OP to ask a question when they don’t know than to confidently say something incorrect!

  11. I can understand a dude not getting it, he just didn't didn't have sex ed. But a woman? Like how would you not notice where the pee comes from? Feel it even?

  12. I am dating a gay dude (I'm a bisexual guy) and we just had this conversation. He asked me, and I quote "how do you know which hole is the actual vagina?". I assured him he would be able to tell LMAO.

  13. OK so follow up questions: first of all, how can a woman NOT know this? And secondly (though this may answer the first question), so as males we have the butt crack with the butt hole in the middle, do women also have a front crack with the other two holes?

  14. Careful. If you give away too much they'll find out about the ones that conceal telescopic antenna that allow us to control the 5G network...

  15. women pee through the urethra, poo from the anus, and the vaginal canal leads to the uterus through the cervix

  16. I was given the book "The Caring and Kepping of you" around the time of my first period. I'm not sure if I got it before or after but I remember not knowing when I inserted that first tampon. Both school and my parents failed me in this regard. Hell, maybe I was taught and I have no one but myself to blame for not paying attention. (Despite the undiagnosed add.

  17. Honestly Reddit is pretty great for this kinda thing. After all, you gave us this perfectly clear, fully explained comment, and now hundreds more people understand! Without people like you, my dumb ass would still be out there being cringe and not knowing how many holes I have!

  18. Commenting in hopes that this answer will get to the top as it's the most accurate answer. If I had an award I'd give it to you!

  19. Yes. One is the vagina. One is the anus. And the third one is the urethra opening (people often mistake the urethra to be in the vagina, but that's not the case. Women do not pee from their vaginas

  20. You have some good answers in the thread already but it might be easiest to understand through a picture.

  21. Since babies and urine come out of different holes, why do women have a harder time holding in urine after childbirth?

  22. This should be top comment because it's detailed and provides pictures. How are so many comments above this just people (even a nurse) talking down to people for not knowing this? Who does that help?

  23. I teach an 11grade health science class and we cover the reproductive systems of men and women. After one too many times of having to explain this to the female students, I literally start the female part with "women have 3 holes" and show a slide diagram and point each one out.

  24. Not trying to be combative, but why is this sex education? This seems like basic biology. Only one out of the three orifices listed have anything to do with sexuality (usually), and given the context, it's more about the human reproductive cycle. Seems like the real problem here is basic health and biology being pushed as a sexual education agenda which is going to trigger a lot of conservative parents.

  25. Also one for food, three for air, two for sound. Millions for evaporative cooling. Just lots of holes in those women.

  26. Everyone is focusing on affirming that yes, the urethra and vagina are two separate things, not enough people focusing on how wild it is to refer to the vagina as being “for blood”. What kind of perspective is this???

  27. yes and whatever you do, don’t jiggle the pee hole like the clit. It just hurts and causes UTI’s!

  28. It’s so sad that women themselves don’t know this but yes. Three holes. The urethra, vagina, and anus. The urethra is a very tiny hole however, above the vaginal opening.

  29. It would be nice if no one was making decisions about women's bodies. Except maybe the owner of said body.

  30. For us, in Portugal, it was 5th grade stuff (when you are around 10-11) that teach biology and basics of reproduction.

  31. For the genital area, yes. There's the urethra for peeing, the anus for pooping, and the vagina for reproductive functions. Periods, birthing, sex. Fun stuff

  32. Yes. In order from front to back. One hole is called the urethra. It is the end of a tube. At the beginning of the tube is the bladder. Two hole is called the vagina. This is the end of the tube that is called the vagina. At the other end of the vagina tube is the cervix. This is the bottom of the uterus. The uterus can hold babies. Three hole is anus. This is the end of the tube that starts at the mouth. Men are like this, too. Right before the anus is the rectum. Then, there are many other structures before you get to the mouth. It is all very exciting. Good luck learning anatomy. It is awesome and fascinating. Hope you have been helped today.

  33. Yes, it is true. Females have a hole for getting rid of waste (poop), which is their anus (butthole). Then there is the vagina, which is not a hole but an organ. The vagina is where, when a man and woman have sex, the man’s penis is put inside. The vagina is connected to the uterus, which is an organ in a woman’s lower belly where a woman grows a baby when she is pregnant. Each month that the woman is not pregnant, part of her uterus breaks down and exits the uterus through her vagina in the form of blood, which is menstruation or “a period.” This part regrows and breaks down every month if the woman is not pregnant. Then the third hole is a urethra. The urethra is the tube connected to a person’s bladder which allows pee to be drained out of the body. Males also have a urethra but a male’s urethra has other functions. A woman’s urethra only goes to her bladder.

  34. I’m trying to work out if you are kidding, you are very, very young or if you come from a country without any form of sex education or biology taught in schools. I’m not try to shame you if either of the last two options are the answer, I’m just baffled. Yes the three are completely separate. The urethra, then the vagina, then the anus

  35. Some of the comments making fun of this shouldn’t be allowed. The whole point of this sub is for questions like this.

  36. TIL. I too have heard this but assumed something else. Thanks for taking one for the team and asking for the rest of us. 🫡

  37. Everyone is blaming the system. It's entirely possible this was covered in sex ed and most guys just didn't retain it because it just wasn't important to our daily lives. Also, if it wasn't a math class, i probably forgot most of what was taught in middle school.

  38. I was just thinking this. There is a lot of info taught in middle school when I wasn’t paying attention and hasn’t been something I’ve encountered/needed to know since then.

  39. Yup. There’s the urinary opening (pee), vagina (blood and also where penis goes in for sex) and anus (poo). So you can pee with a tampon.

  40. Hmmm I was just explaining this yesterday when I was describing to a friend how I explained where babies come from. We were in a bar with others around when I was saying. “I told her ladies have three holes, pee poop and babies/periods” . OP are you In Wisconsin!?

  41. Lol I've never understood why people make a post on reddit to ask such a question. It's honestly hilarious to me and a little ridiculous. Like... you would get your answer more accurately and probably faster if you Google it lol.

  42. so you have an entire account dedicated to objectifying the female body while not knowing even the most basic anatomy of the female body.. got it

  43. OK OK OK; and I am not making fun of you, but this is pretty basic anatomy and physiology. The hole used for bleeding, giving birth, and penis insertion is the same orifice. That is because it is all part of the reproductive system. Women pee out of a different orifice that is called a urethra, same as men. The urethra is located below the clitoris and inside the vulva but above the vaginal opening. In men the tube in the penis is used for both semen and urine, when men ejaculate a sphincter closes which prevents urine from entering the urethra. Then, obviously, both men and women have an anus that terminates the intestines where you excrete solid waste.

  44. I had a 34 year old man try to tell me, a woman, that they thought I was wrong when I said women have 3 holes. They even went as far to joke that I must have not paid attention in science class. I was speechless.

  45. Yup. The anus for poop. The vagina for reproduction (menstruation, sex, and childbirth). The urethra for urine. The urethra is the smallest and perhaps most often overlooked.

  46. Yes. Urethra, Anus, vagina. In order of your question. You also have a urethra and an anus. Your urethra connects to your bladder and seminal vesicle so can allow for both urine and sperm to go out.

  47. I'm so sad that I forgot women have an anus. I was sat here thinking 'vagina, urethra... There's another?' Until a comment pointed it out

  48. i mean that’s a very weird way of wording it but yeah you’re essentially right. the vagina is a separate hole from the urethra and it’s where a) sperm enters in order to reproduce, b) babies come out when you’re giving birth, and c) blood comes out when the uterus sheds its lining every month-ish (unless you’re pregnant in which case you stop having periods until you give birth)

  49. as my grandma, explained to my dad's best friend since childhood how women were better because we have 3 holes. She then explained to the ~50 year old man who wasn't sure he heard her right, "the one we piss with, the one we shit out of, and the one we fuck with"

  50. Yes we do one for liquid waste disposal, one for solid waste disposal, and one for the shedding of the uterine lining or for pregnancy depending on what action the woman took. Sources: i’m a female hopefully id know what the human body does

  51. Yeah, the vagina is what bleeds, it's connected to the uterus, they pee pout of their urethras which is a separate hole above the vaginal canal, and the anus, which is not connected to the vagina at all!

  52. i remember my senior year of high school my best friend who was female and one of my male friends were talking about tampons. my female friend says “i don’t like tampons because then you can’t pee with them” me and my male friend looked at each other in shock and then burst out laughing because sadly the education system had failed her on her own anatomy. she is very knowledgeable now

  53. Yes - People with penises, look at your urethra, now look at your dick, did you think your dick could go in your urethra or that a urethra could stretch out large enough to fit a dick? I know a lot of people (women AND men) aren't taught female anatomy very well, but it's really funny if you were to actually think it through. One hole for pee and baby/sex/period would make 0 sense. Urethra that could fit a penis... you'd pee in 0.5 seconds from full to empty bladder... Like... damn

  54. To be fair, my husband is 32 and only just learned this because he couldn’t understand my issues with peeing after childbirth.

  55. OP, I hope you’re 13…. But also scared you might be 25 & clueless…….. uhhhhhh the poor women you date

  56. This is why you pay attention during sex education - assuming you come from a state that prioritizes it. If not, this is why sex education is important.

  57. these types of questions are why some women in Africa think it's a great idea to cut off each other's clitoris'. The fun button of a healthy happy female body is such a powerful thing, it frightens the weak. Righteous Ignorance is the bane of our species.

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