Why do people choose to buy the same product at more expensive grocery stores?

  1. I see where your coming from but Fortinos is a chain grocery store that pays minimum wage as well. Which isn't bad where I am. It's $15 an hour now and goes up every year.

  2. if you're buying certain higher quality stuff at one store, you probably aren't making two trips for the rest of your groceries.

  3. Going into Walmart is a living hell and my anxiety and blood pressure raise to a point I can't bear. Employees don't give a fuck (rightfully so), there's too many people, it's too big, and crackheads just walk in and out. Walmarts are the wild west saloons of the 21st century where shit just goes awry 24/7. I'll pay a couple dollars more and feel like I won't be murdered in the store.

  4. Walmart is too bright, too crowded, too narrow aisles, too few cashiers on duty. It’s a miserable experience to even step inside one which is why I haven’t been in one since 2010. I’ll gladly pay a few extra dollars to shop somewhere else.

  5. I'm gonna be straight with you. There's some shifty mfers at Walmart. But they can't all afford to be at target. So I pay a bit more for my safety.

  6. Sometimes even the boxed food and other perishable products are fresher at the higher end stores. The lower end stores will buy lots of items that haven't moved

  7. The layout is better, it's cleaner, has a better selection of goods, more friendly personel, less trashy obnoxious people shopping in there. I never have to see someone's buttcrack in the expensive store.

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