Does Transgenderism Happen Elswhere In The Animal Kingdom?

  1. Humans are the only species with gender. As far as we know. We are nigh-eusocial apes, and gender is part of that web of social constructs. And a requirement for those complex social constructs is intelligence.

  2. No because humans are the only species to have genders because gender as a concept is a social construct like laws or money.

  3. I don't think that's true at all. Don't male gorillas/lions/humming birds have distinctly different behaviours to their female counterparts?

  4. No way to really tell, because they lack the language to articulate feelings like that and lack the technology to do anything about it.

  5. It is a difficult thing to verify, as only humans affect their appearance relative to their gender. In a very simple way, men wear pants and have short hair, and women wear dresses and long hair and jewelery, all of this differentiate the two genders ( Just using stereotypes to clarify). But animals don't wear anything to distinguish from the other gender. So there is ( in my opinion, not a scientist) no way to tell if a male monkey see itself as a female.

  6. Some animals physically change their body structure to become the other gender. It happens a lot in amphibians and fish.

  7. No. But even if they did, how would we possibly know? How would we know if a giraffe wished they didn’t have a penis? Gender is a human thing.

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