Why do most electronic devices either need to be regularly recharged or eventually have their batteries replaced to keep working? Why can’t they just work forever?

  1. Batteries work by a chemical reaction. Once the chemicals are used up, they can't make electricity any more. In a rechargeable battery, it's possible to reverse the reaction by applying electricity, so the battery can be used again.

  2. The simplest answer is because of what its made up of. The materials used determin how much power it can store and outlet put, they typically need to he replaced because the parts that make up the battery,over time, degrade and thus can not performed as well,lowering max charge and resulting in poor performance but in some cases risk of accident as a ill performing or faulty battery can be dangerous depending on said battery. A relatable case would be the galaxy battery exploding/catching fire issues.which is why it is to be replaced. You can make forever batteries, they just arnt practical to use regular nor has enough advances been made to do be able that much but still be cheap and affordable. This is the current focus on the electric car industry right now.

  3. Ah, an endless supply of energy. Connect a few thousand in a home unit and never buy electricity again. Free travel forever!!!

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