Why do girls' apartments smell amazing and how can I recreate that?

  1. Get a few candles. Live plants usually make smaller places feel fresher and I think they make a difference. Snake plants are cheap- easy to care for and look pretty nice. I’d recommend that

  2. Lady here! You’re going to want to get some really good quality candles rather than air fresheners. I like to go with fresh smelling scents and not sweet scents because they can be pretty overpowering.

  3. Deep cleaning for the win - wash everything: blankets, curtains, any fabrics in the home, wipe down the walls, cabinets, etc…

  4. Skin lotions. Hair products. Makeup products. Open can of tuna. Shampoos and conditioner. Essential oils and candles.

  5. I already have a freshener but I feel like it's too strong. Is there a wax melt you'd recommend?

  6. There are 2 phases to this: (1) stop the bad smells, (2) start the good smells. You can't do this with only one phase.

  7. Do you also use an array of nice-smelling stuff on yourself, and apply it to yourself while you’re in your apartment?

  8. Keep in mind - you might be nose blind to your own environment. Don’t over do it. A good assortment of plug ins and clean surfaces and some candles will do wonders.

  9. Bath & body works candles, febreeze tf outta my shoes when i get home from gym, weekly I dusty, vacuum entire house top to bottom then take O-Cedar mop, fill bucket with fav all purpose cleaner, hot water & 2 caps of bleach & I wipes walls, baseboards, floors. Clean out fridge of all leftovers. Oh & wash the dogs every 2 weeks, Brush them daily. Keep ceiling fans on low in every room…..🤔 oh & don’t let dirty laundry basket get too full before I start a laundry day…lawd ffs no wonder I’m always tired af!!

  10. Use cleaners around your apartment with a pleasant fragrance and clean surfaces as needed or at least once a week. Mrs. Meyers Basil scent is my favorite because it’s cheap, works well on most surfaces and smells great. 1/4 cup of the concentrate added to hot water is great for mopping floors, too. You can order it on Amazon if you can’t find it in stores.

  11. Even if you don't bake, throw a tablespoon of vanilla into a pot of water and simmer it on your stove for a couple hours - especially in winter if your heating method makes the air inside dry.

  12. Rip out and install new carpet. That's going to eliminate 99% of the stench from your lair. Repaint the walls in the same color.

  13. Underrated comment! Carpet is gross. It hangs on to so much. If you're able to rip it out and put in flooring that you can clean well and clean often, that will go a long way.

  14. The Yankee candle brand are wonderful. They don't have that artificial smelling scent that is kinda gross. Stay away from the cheap Walmart ones. The better homes and gardens ones are pretty good as well.

  15. I use a combination of candles and wall plug ins. Like someone above suggested even the things you use to clean yourself impact that, you don’t have to go super girly, but like dove soap, body spray (but not axe lol). Also the soaps for like cleaning dishes and laundry. It sounds like you are a clean guy, so my guess is your place smells good, but you are used to the smell, so you don’t notice it.

  16. There’s skin care and grooming products for me that smells amazing and attractive, manscaped has good kit and many other mainstream brands, also I learn this trick of buying cloth fresheners and fragrance oils are key! You can opt for some feminine scents and aromas also natural and cozy smells are available too.

  17. Keep everything clean, keep dishes out of the sink, keep dirty laundry confined. And I use the wax melts, always get compliments and it isn’t too over powering (I am a lady).

  18. I highly recommend burning quality scented candles every day for a couple of hours. Not just some candle you find at Target or the mall, mind you. I recommend Wax & Wick brand candles (they have a wooden Wick, which is cool and makes it sound like a tiny camp fire) in Cedar + Vanilla, as well as all of Sihaya & Company's candles (I linked one of my favorites). They're high quality and smell lovely even to those of us with sensitive noses. But learn how to properly burn candles (including trimming the wicks, for candles with regular wicks) so that you don't wind up with unsightly soot marks on the walls and ceiling.

  19. If you are in an apartment, particularly an older one, clean the carpet with a rented cleaning machine or a steam clean service. Its amazing how carpets can absorb odors. Also, look for mold and mildew in wet areas like bathrooms, kitchens and AC/hot water units. Clean the vents in your bathroom and over your stove. Odors can hide in all these places.

  20. Bear in mind that smell is relative and subjective. You're in your home for hours every day and you become accustomed to the smell, pretty much no matter how strong. After a short while, your "smell scale tares to zero" and you only notice new smells in your home.

  21. If you have a vacuum with a filter you can remove I'd suggest adding a couple of spritzes of your favorite scent (I use whatever perfume tester I have flying around, you can use essential oils or aftershave) before vacuuming. After a while, no matter how much you clean it, it smells and blows all that smell into the open when you clean. Also, if you have upholstery and curtains, use some textile freshener (like Febreeze) to get lingering smells out. I make my own by mixing a little bit of my favourite (non-coloured) fabric softener with warm water. Spritz that on everything made of fabric. Scented candles is a must, it's also good to have 2 or 3 different ones so you don't become blind to the scent. I have a dog, you would never smell it entering my apartment though.

  22. It could be candles or air fresheners. Could also be the perfume, styling products, and/or laundry detergent they use.

  23. Get a wax warmer!! They’re usually pretty cheap. At my old apartment I had one in the bathroom and one in the kitchen since those are the places that always get the smelliest for me. They usually last decently long and I prefer them over candles. Not sure if you have them, but if you do definitely go to Walmart and browse the wax melts. They usually have SO MANY and they’re so cheap! My house always smells great and it’s so nice to come home to it after work.

  24. Bath and body works wall plug ins.. Wax warmer/wax melts (Walmarts brand for wax melts is glorious).. Amazon has an immense amount of different smelling essential oils. After mopping just drop 1-3 DROPS with the dry swiffer pad. A little goes a long way.

  25. Literally I just keep my room super clean, keep myself super clean, open a window, and plugged in one of those heated oil wall plug-ins. Like a night light but it's a little bottle of scented oil.

  26. two words my friend: ESSENTIAL OILS. it will never feel stuffy like some cheap candles will, and you can even put some drops on the floor for a cozy shower. the scent lasts super long and i recommend getting a sample set to see what you like.

  27. Do you use disinfectant with some added odor when cleaning the floor? That's usually what does the trick.

  28. It's simple really just keep everything clean with good cleaning products (anything lemon scented is a bonus) vacuum it frequently and open the windows whenever possible. Also wash your clothes frequently. Surprisingly carpets can hold in weird stink from previous owners getting them cleaned by a good company that won't soak them will make a world of difference. Also experiment with different deodorants and soaps can also make a difference on how everything around you smells too. My dad used Irish spring and you could smell that for a long time after a shower. Also don't over do it on plug ins and air fresheners that makes certain smells worse. Invest in a quality kitchen garbage can with a good sealing lid. Anyway I hope this helps you out. I'm a girl so this is from experience.

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