Noah, It's Time.

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  2. Honestly, if you went to a police sketch artist with only the description "he put a cigarette in his dick hole" the artist would 100% get get his face spot on.

  3. >Goes on subreddit called "Sounding" with a description in the subreddit banner explaining what sounding is.

  4. A dumb ass from my country used adhesives to close his urethral opening instead of condoms while intercouse. Died due to multiple organ failure acc. to reports

  5. I clicked by accident so I read the title and stared at the dude's face, saw the cigarette and was like "Well it's not so bad, it's s just a-OMG I'M GONNA VOMIT" yeah

  6. He must Sound because he feels nothing after his peepee was mutilated without consent while he was a baby.

  7. You know I don’t have nsfw tags on my page anymore so it just shows this shit str8 up. Like wow I’m so regretful rn lmao

  8. You're a hypocrite because you go on a sub thats about inserting stuff up ur cock and post it here. You are kink shaming someone for no actual reason , does it look like he did any bad, you disgusting karma begger.

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