I’m fucking speechless

  1. When my mum told me about sex for the very first time she told me "then the man does a kind of pee in the woman". I then went on to tell my friends for a solid year or two that men pee in women to create a child

  2. This always reminds me of the Family Guy episode where Stewie is the popular kid and he's about to get laid and he pulls his pants down and is like "I drank 6 gallons of water today, this baby is ready explode "

  3. im all for education of the youth, but that second pic got a lil too graphic first of all, second of all i think you start education between 10-12 not 4-8. Thats a big oof g

  4. I didn't get the issue with the first pic and thought this was going to be a crusade against sex health. 4-8 may seem young but educating little ones in this way is the perfect way to explain "good touch" "bad touch" among other things that will hopefully keep them safe.

  5. Yeah that last sentence makes me very skeptical that this is a real book used to give sex ed to children, but I’m open to being proved wrong

  6. This book would still be way the fuck over the line for 10-12 years. Not the topic itself, but the presentation/delivery.

  7. Ya at first it was like whats the issue, i see its 1/2...2/2 is a bit advanced dont even think a kid will sit there to learn any of it.

  8. I don't know. I mean, I'm 60, a woman, and I started menarche at 9. I think this is ok for 8 and up. I agree that the 2nd picture is too much.

  9. Girls start their periods as young as 9. Every child’s timeline is unique. I have several children. This book would be appropriate for one of my children and none of the others. Children learn and develop and different rates. Some need information sooner. Some are mature enough for this information at younger ages and some need to wait.

  10. My daughter would have been mighty surprised at 9 when she started bleeding if we hadn't discussed it before then. Biology happens whether or not you are uncomfortable.

  11. The people in the image are Sabrina and Marcos, Toby is her younger brother, the one who is narrating.

  12. I started educating my kids about sex at 4. A good thing too, because my daughter was able to then recognise that what the older kid down the road was doing to her was wrong, and to articulate it to me. I wouldn’t rely on a book like this, but I certainly do think sex education should begin as early as possible.

  13. There's even a description of an uncle molesting his niece. even for a gag book that's a bit too far

  14. This paragraph is also incest. She refers to him as little brother at the end….I don’t think that education…. And who the fuck makes a gag book about kids fucking

  15. As a Pre-K teacher, this makes me nauseous. Age appropriate sex Ed is a random story a five year old told me this week about he and his sister being the fastest fish swimmers and that they chose their Mom. He was the fastest of the boy line and she was the fastest at the girl line and they got to choose their Mom. Took me a minute to realize that he was talking about sperm and the egg, but I appreciated the age appropriate explanation. This curriculum is straight up grooming in my opinion.

  16. I got that book from the library. I was planning on using it to teach basic sex Ed to my 6 year old. After flipping through the pages a bit, we just talked instead.

  17. "It's not the stork" is absolutely nothing like this. If you think it was, go look again. Then calm down.

  18. There's a bunch of Amazon reviews and many have different pics of this page. I didn't think it was real either, but somehow it is.

  19. It's not incest. She's regaling the story to TOBY, about how she has sex with MARCO. TOBY is her little brother whom she's sharing this information with, and he isn't involved in the sex.

  20. Could it be that this was written in Germany?? I know other countries don't have the USs puritanical views on sex but is it that far off from US?? Idk... not sure what sex ed is like over there.

  21. I probably wouldn't explain the mechanics of sex to a four year old, but as far as I can tell the only thing this does wrong is get the target age group wrong.

  22. I remember seeing stuff like this in the library when I was 11, except it was cartoon drawings of really fat, ugly adults.

  23. I'm not sure it is? Marco and Sabrina are the people shagging, then Sabrina is talking to her brother Toby about it.

  24. My younger brother had seen porn by 9 and started aksing his mum if babies were born becuase "girls put a boys ding dong in their mouth."

  25. Yes! I don’t think this is book to bad. I also watched porn age 11 the first time. And better it’s me who explains my kid what sex is, then PornHub

  26. they printed 10 to begin with, most of which they sent out to right-wing news stations and 'influencers' to shit on, I'm assuming.

  27. If I heard that and then my sister tried to touch my hair I'd be fucking gone, never seen again. You wash your hands first and wear a condom before I even THINK about letting you touch my hair

  28. okay, gonna be honest, the books I grew up with and were available to most swedish kids are way worse than this lol

  29. I still don’t understand how there are people that don’t realize the reason you can’t have sex till older is so the participants can grow to a proper mental age. (Which even then the brain doesn’t fully develop till upwards 25 years old) and think that just because the body can physically have sex they should. Like early blooming 8 and 9 year old kids don’t need to know any of that. Let kids be kids and enjoy their innocence before shoving adult things into their faces

  30. Sex education doesn't equal thinking that children should have sex. Educating children about sex and all of the risks involved is actually more likely to make them wait until an appropriate age, whereas if you don't educate them, they will start looking up porn and educating themselves from that warped perspective of what sex is supposed to be. Even if you keep them under lock and key, they will learn about it from their peers, but none of that learning will involve discussion about the risks and why it's important not to give in to peer pressure. This is why adolescents think sex is the coolest thing in the world, and many of them will have sex at very young ages. You don't prevent teen pregnancy by not educating adolescents about it. You just make it more likely that they will fuck around and find out the hard way. The sex education doesn't have to be as graphic as this book, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't try to teach them about it at all. Furthermore, kids who have some sex education can actually tell you if they're being sexually abused by someone, whereas kids with no education will have no idea what's happening to them and may not be able to tell you about it in a way that you can understand, if they tell you at all. We've been operating on the model of "don't tell your kids about sex" for a long time now, and it clearly hasn't been working.

  31. Motherfucker I didn’t learn about sex Ed until I was about 9 why the fuck should a four year old be learning this shit

  32. Ok. So. I am always skeptical so when I saw it was $2 for the kindle version I decided to buy it to confirm the veracity of this post. since I couldn’t find a PDF.

  33. Can you confirm that the page in question is actually in the book and that what’s pictured is exactly what it says?

  34. I saw nothing wrong with it until i turned to the second picture that's not- yes! Educate your children on these things! Educate them early so that they know those things when time comes and they aren't surprised or clueless. But ffs not like that

  35. No. Nope. Kids ages 4-8 don’t need to know shit about any of this. Please for the love of god let children keep they’re innocence for as long as possible

  36. Hey you fascist, would you stop oppressing us progressive folk? We're just trying to teach kids to not have unwanted pregnancies.

  37. „Not even under 13“? So I watched my first porn with age 11. so I guess your kids will get there education there as well?

  38. Cmon man, don’t make this about gender stuff. LGBT people aren’t on some mission to groom children, this is just trash from perverts in general.

  39. This has nothing to do with LGBT people, do they just live in your head all the time? Do you spill your coffee in a morning and exclaim "Those damn trans men!", do you stub your toe and then harass a lesbian for it? I just don't understand the jump.

  40. Why is it a problem? Just tell your kids how they got on this fucking planet. Don’t lie to them. It’s natural and no need to hide sex.

  41. I get being outraged at this but just wait till the average poster of this stuff hears about exposure to explicit material through the phone, computer, or tablet at extremely young ages. We can go after all sorts of printed material framed in a educational sense to much horror. But when every child in America has the internet readily available without any search regulation this book and the current outrage about sex education to children seems hollow.

  42. Lots of people showing themselves as illiterate here.... There are four people in the story, two of them, a brother and sister, talking about two other people.

  43. This is pretty fucked up. May as well just bust out a stack of old hustlers and be done with it at that point

  44. This is not a book for US audiences-its printed for Australia/New Zealand. Most of the world does not have the absurd prudishness of the United States, nor should we dictate the cultural norms of others.

  45. I’m entirely in favor a thorough and comprehensive sex ed, but this really really feels like too much too early. At that age I feel like kids should be learning about the names of body parts and what happens during puberty, and definitely the concept of consent. I don’t see any reason to teach kids about actual sex acts until sometime in middle school. I know it’s important to make sure kids know about these things before it comes up in their lives so that they can make informed choices and not be scared when their bodies do things, but 4-8 for sex and contraception? I feel like that’s just way over their heads and there’s more age-relevant stuff they need to be learning.

  46. Kept scrolling for this comment. Shows again how biased and US dominated Reddit actually is.

  47. I feel sex ed should be taught to people 10-16 and things specifically about sex and relationships 15+ but wtf is 4-8 thats literally grooming children

  48. Children need to learn their anatomy and the anatomy of others well before 10. Honestly, by 4, they should definitely know the words penis, vagina and sex, and they should know that using these body parts with others is exclusively for adults, no matter how curious they get or how much someone else promises to keep it a secret. Otherwise you get kids telling their teachers that their uncle is eating their cookie every night and the adults don’t realize she means vagina. Sad but true.

  49. I really don't see anything wrong with it. Like maybe it's just yall being Americans but when I was a kid I loved reading, I read everything, including education books aimed at children to explain every single thing. Including sex and love and health and getting younger siblings. They were worded similar to what is shown in the post.

  50. I really think America is one of the few countries that think this is weird. I mean yeah 4-8 may be pretty young, but it's not trying to pressure them into doing anything. It's not trying to make it exciting and fun. It's just a bland, blanket set of statements about how sex works. I think it may not be all that taboo, I just think there are so many pedos in America that it makes more sense for us to label it pedophilia than to just see it as education. I know when I was like 8 every boy in my grade at the school I went to was already talking about sex and what it actually was. Would've rather had a book tell me what it was than Eric saying it's when you kiss each other's butts and roll around lmao.

  51. Agreed. I think Americans generally don't have any experience of sex being discussed with children, and so struggle with how to frame it. I don't necessarily think they have more pedos per capita than anywhere else.

  52. Well it was written by a German and they've sent children to live with pedophiles just to see what happens, so I'll stick with US modesty on this one

  53. Lmao its deffo too much for someone under the age of like 12-13 but calling it grooming is hilarious and such a right wing talking point that it makes me laugh

  54. Hehehehe, I'm really stressing out about how many people reckon they've read this page but can't actually understand what they're reading.

  55. So for a little additional information. The Author intended it for kids 7 and UP, which is a long way from 4 up. She also wrote a lot of other books, for young kids on how to deal with loss of and grieving, divorce, how to deal with inappropriate touching (IE how to get help if you're getting molested), health. And her actual book on "Birds and Bees" is intended for ages 11 and up.

  56. Seriously. Kids need to learn about what’s going to happen to their bodies so that puberty doesn’t hit them unexpectedly and scare them - just the true, biological facts about what they’ll experience, but that’s all they should be learning about the subject in elementary school. Single digit ages are just too young to need to know about the actual acts of sex

  57. Did a pedophile write this shit? What the fuck did I just read the last line is bat shit crazy even worse they are brother and sister.

  58. Ok so let's cherry pick the alt right clutch our pearls page. This book is ment to teach basic things and honestly when I was younger than 8 my family used more graphic pictures when I asked where babies come from. It teaches the proper term for the genitalia and none of these "peepers, kittykat, cookie" crap. It teaches about consent and how noone is allowed to force affection on you without your consent. It teaches what molestation is and how to avoid it or tell someone

  59. Bro you literally just exposed what made you a weird freak, your parents showing you porn when you were 8, immensely sad, everyone feels bad for you

  60. First what is the alt right has to do with this . Second its a book for 4 year oldddddddddds they cant even write or do basic mathematics for fuck sake , i’m just sorry that your family fucked you up this young

  61. I was like "Hey maybe the title is misleading, maybe it just mean like actually growing, how your body changes very quickly during that age"... And then I noticed that there was a second image

  62. ....many kids are practically DONE with it in that age range. Boys are pubescent at 10-11 now. 13 is absurdly late to begin sex education

  63. Dagmar Geisler is a piece of shit for making this. Specially for making incest content for children aged 4 to 8 YO !?

  64. There nothing wrong with young children understanding what sex is. The fact it's between 2 consenting people and it should feel good. Having this basic knowledge may reduce the chance they are abused as they know it's not right.. it would also remove the taboo so if they are sexually assaulted they will be more likely to tell someone.. I have no issue with this book.. knowledge is power.. sex is just sex? Why shouldn't kids know what it is? Nothing on this page telling them to go do it.. just some words describing the act..

  65. I can't wait to read the "What to expect when you are a ten-year-old expecting your uncle's baby in a red state" book that the GOP will have to put out.

  66. I know the hot imaginary topic in conservative circles is “grooming,” but books like these don’t really help against that propaganda. Age appropriate at 8 years old would be talking about the basic differences in anatomy and maybe addressing periods in a way that is very nonchalant and doesn’t make kids think it’s taboo (since many young girls have their first period around 3rd or 4th grade).

  67. I was confused at first because i didnt know there was a 2nd pic, and then made the mistake of swiping left... Who the fuck publishes this? How the fuck is this allowed?

  68. Ummmm WTF? Yes the age is disturbing but even as an adult it's disturbing. I want to say that this can't be real but.... WTF? Was she one of those girls kept in a basement for 20yrs by her abusive father so she had no sense of reality/boundaries/normal interaction?

  69. At first I thought this was like those American girl books for 7-9 year olds that teach gently and factually about periods and stuff like that, but this is a little too much…maybe if it was for 9-11 year olds and was less graphic and weird in it’s description of sex…

  70. I get teaching them young but Jesus fuck they don't need that now. Especially BEFORE they're super hormonal all the time. And idk how but I learned like everything alone, thinking back I never had the talk with my mom other than the biology aspect of it. Everything else I just read Wikipedia articles about when I was around 13

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