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  1. His facial expression looks like that one penguin from Penguins of Madagascar. Private is his name, I think.

  2. Istg I can’t get breadsticks anywhere anymore. Nowadays when I go out with my family of five they give up five small, cut pieces of bread and no refills, and hardly any oil or butter. Everyone always fights over them. Such a shame

  3. Damn y'all gotta learn to roast without hate. Most Top 40 musicians come from money nothing new. He's no looker but at least his songs are catchy. He's not been in any scandals like a lot of rich people so there's that I guess.

  4. I don't like his music, like at all. But eversince those pictures surfaced where he is seen as a 14 year old unknown street musician playing in Ireland, I respect his work. He has come far with his craft.

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