oh, hell yeah baby

  1. I think dudes misunderstand Goofy personified. Nothing about goofy dudes is inherently unattractive to women, so if a guy can bang my back out better than anyone else, who cares if he says dorky shit. Put a saddle on that man and giddy up.

  2. I was gonna say. Anyone who would genuinely answer no to this hasn't had the best sex of their lives yet. People put up with insane and dangerous shit for that, let alone "goofy" shit, lol.

  3. Like do they say gawrsh in general or only during sex? my best friend says swag all the time and I still crush on him hard, so gawrsh would probably be more endearing.

  4. I’d probably just roll with it and then inadvertently condition myself to be aroused when I hear Goofy say “GAWRSH”

  5. Possibly. If I find someone attractive, and especially if I have feelings for them, their weird quirks become endearing.

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