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  1. I think what can be different with noom is the approach you take. Its all about changing habits , life long. Realizing you can't eat/continue the same behaviors once you start this journey. It's not just diet, get thin, go back to how it was. Its about changing in ways that you can continue for the rest of your life.

  2. I feel (have felt?) very similar. I have had the mindset for years of all or nothing, I know what to do I just don't do it, it hasn't worked before so why will it work now, etc...

  3. Thank you! Those are the two things I see in Noom as well and I am happy I found this subreddit! I also like how it’s been practically reading my mind with how I speak to myself. It’s eerie. Thanks for the reply!

  4. I’m in a similar situation - need to lose 80 pounds and previously used extreme diets. I’m three weeks in and for me, Noom is different. It is definitely a one-day-at-a-time program and assumes temporary weight gain, occasional food binges and so on will happen. The motivation for me comes via the lack of judgement. We are all human and healthy eating is hard and weight loss is slow, and that’s ok in Noom.

  5. I do feel like it’s like Overeaters Anonymous and Weight Watchers and MyFitness Pal all in one! I hope it’s the perfect cocktail for my road to wellness.

  6. We are the saaaaame. Joined at midnight bc couldn't sleep and tired of feeling like crap. Always saw results w WW but then something would emotionally happen ( AND THIS WAS BEFORE QUARANTINE) and forget it.

  7. I had been through WW maybe 5 times? I too just couldn’t do it anymore. They are more judgmental, I went to the meetings and they would make comments at weigh in. With Noom it is up to us. And no comments about weigh ins.

  8. I agree with what others have posted - accountability, validation of how your feeling, and a commitment to long term health not just lose the weight. I also want to add that for me it's because it's not a restrictive diet. I see so many people who lose so much by following keto or paleo diets, and while that's awesome, those types of diets just don't work for me. I've tried doing intermittent fasting woth lunch only being a protein shake, and I had some luck with it, but I just gain it right back if I take a break from that.

  9. Total knee replacement flipped the switch for me. The doctor told me it was because I have always been overweight. Not obese, but always 10 to 35 lbs too heavy. TKR is major surgery and I just wanted to avoid any further orthopedic surgeries. Before the surgery I started counting calories, afterwards I continued, and did all the PT I could, then went to the gym. I did great, lost almost 30 lbs, then lost my way. Started to be sloppy tracking my food, and then I got a cold that morphed into bronchitis, was sick for almost a month. I ate what I wanted, which was mostly rice pudding and noodle soup (go to comfort foods when sick). When I got weighed at the doctors (I didn’t own a scale at the time)-I had regained 15 lbs. in desperation I joined Noom. Now I have lost 33 lbs and am in a normal weight range. It’s been a year on Noom and I signed up for another year, it’s hard to unlearn years of overeating (roughly 48 years).

  10. We have almost the exact same stats. I'm two weeks in. It feels so different. I'm not hungry all the time. In the past I've lost tons of weight by depriving myself but I want it to last and this time it will. I just know it.

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