1 year, 45 pounds down, and a weight graph that looks like the stock market. Maintained for 5 months with 15 more pounds to go. Slow & steady is my motto! (43, 5’9”)

  1. This is so inspiring. I just started Noom last week, and so far the program seems realistic, attainable, and dare I say .. kinda fun in a gamification sense. Your progress is wonderful and exactly what I’d be THRILLED to see in myself a year from now. Well done!

  2. When I started to lose weight quickly I was scared because of my past yo yo dieting! But it’s all about learning about yourself - getting used to your new body and new habits - being mindful of when old habits start and most importantly don’t judge yourself! That’s been the takeaway for me. Gamification is a perfect description! And I want to win at Life!

  3. These posts helped me when I first started and I also fell off the Noom wagon many times this year. But hopping back on was tough but not impossible, it’s nice to know you have help!

  4. Nope and I’m not letting the holidays trigger my all or nothing thinking! The best advice when I started was - trust the process. Stick with it. It’s an investment in your health and future!

  5. Congrats! I’ve been discouraged getting started and I needed to hear that slow and steady wins. Keep up the great work!

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