Fourth of July Vacation has me like..

  1. Move into a new neighborhood in East Charlotte... don't know if I heard gunshots or fireworks last night lol.

  2. Or near any Base. Because they're practicing so fucking much. Lmao. But then again, you can tell the difference. Or, well, if you've been around here a while.

  3. I remember first moving there and hearing random ground thuds in class... it turns out that Fort Bragg are doing artillery and or bombing tests.

  4. I’m in asheboro, sitting inside and the fireworks started shaking my damn couch. Just startled the hell outta me. Forgot to expect it i guess.

  5. I’m just sad I can’t shoot off guns because my neighbors are so close. I miss shooting a shit load of guns off SAFELY! I mean this by shooting into a hillside/berm we had growing up.

  6. As what you to describe himself as a moderate Republican I feel disgust for what the NRA has dome to America and Americans.

  7. You can stop right there with the bullshit. Because if you were actually familiar with any of these towns or the context of these comments then you’d understand these gunshots are coming from the hood. These aren’t NRA members nor caused by the NRA. These are gang members using illegal and likely stolen firearms. It has dick to do with legal and responsible gun ownership. Make all guns illegal and these areas would still be flooded with guns.

  8. Most of these gunshots come from illegally purchased pistols, and those guns definitely aren’t being used by upstanding citizens or NRA members for that matter

  9. Then stop voting Republican? "I dont support these things that I vote in support of" Its not the NRA and I think that discredits the opinions of gun owners. Its the entire Republican party using guns as a political tool, fooling many people into thinking its a two sided issue, Democrats dont want to take your guns away. Everyone should want safe gun laws.

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