Should I be worried about the Norway Ferry thing during my road trip ?

  1. Ferries are quite efficient in Norway, and will save you a lot of driving time. You just show up and get in the line for the destination you want. Don’t hesitate to route using ferries. And you can enjoy an ice cream like every Norwegian during the trip!

  2. If you're talking about the Vagnsnes-Dragsvik ferry it departs every 30 minutes from what I can see on Norled. If you go to (which is available in english in the drop down menu) you can see all ferry routes and departure times. Ferry crossings are usually nothing to worry about

  3. Not to summer, the ferries run more often, with more crafts. I can't answer for all of your ferry-stretches since I don't know where you're going, but most of the stretches in narrow fiords are under 1 hrs duration (like Vangsvik-Dragsnes). Re bookings, this varies between ferry lines and stretches. Some have booking, some not. Anyhow, you'll get passage without a booking on all lines, just by getting in line on the ferry quay.

  4. I see you've been answered, but since i have lived in western Norway my whole life, i think about ferries like 30 minutes of my trip.

  5. Honestly i would be worried if you have anything to reach within a certain time, but if you’re fine with waiting you will probably get on a ferry in the end. Year after year there are tons of newspaper articles about the ferry chaos, people not getting on and tons of waiting

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