Emily Axford appreciation post [Spoilers: all campaigns]

  1. Helloooo can we talk about Hot Boy Summer? Not only is she an incredible player, she’s a stellar DM!!! Anytime I get a hint of warm weather I want to listen to that campaign. Love you lady, 1000 roses.

  2. In the short rest for that episode and in her episode of Adventuring Academy with BLM she talks about how much material she scrapped from the fight with the final boss of hot boy summer.

  3. YES! Hot boy summer truly hit different. I also feel like Em brought the best out of Murph as a player (sometimes on D20 or in Trinyvale I feel like he’s less comfortable as a player than a DM, but in HBS he was so engaged.

  4. This cannot be overstated, she ruled so hard on hot boy summer. I bought a Bon Freres tank top to commemorate how dope it was.

  5. She created such a great array of NPCs and interesting combats, all while allowing four doofus dudes to dork out on the Matrix. I thought it was masterfully guided and I’ve listened to it repeatedly.

  6. I’ll never forget how fucking smart it was for her to stop trying for the nat 20 on the thinking cap check to get the eladrin to gladeholm, and instead to use transport via plants to let them come through the gash and teleport there. fae this way!! those simultaneous threats were so challenging and that was a huge move to get them there and get herself back in the fray

  7. It's a super dope move that was awesome and I'm glad Murph allowed it, but transport via plants lasts for 6 seconds RAW. Still, it was a great story telling moment.

  8. Moonshine saying goodbye to paw paw is single handedly the most beautiful role playing I’ve every heard. Also one big bed, best song, hands down, no questions, goodnight.

  9. Not only that, but it's literally back to back with her saying goodbye to Pendergreens. I thought I was done crying after the first.

  10. The most recent C3 ep had one of my favorite Emily moments ever - casting detect thoughts during battle because her character was feeling emotionally insecure. It was RP done right.

  11. Along the same lines, using Fae Step to teleport 30 ft above an enemy and fall on them for an extra 3d6 damage is hilarious and a great utilization of teleports, my wild magic barbarian is about to start pulling this move

  12. I dunno, the other day in a short rest she joked about the uncanny valley being carved by a "piss glacier" and I'm still chuckling a week later

  13. During the Gladeholm Wizard Tournament, Emily casting Stone Shape to create a passage through to the basement and healing wording Bev with the Thinking Cap was SUCH a cool combo.

  14. I’m relistening to campaign 1 and just got to the part where she tells bev “a child has a duty to his father but a hero, a hero has a duty to the world. I have my opinions on what you are, but now it’s time for you to decide for yourself “. So many chills. I can’t believe something so powerful was improvised. This and her good bye with deadeye. I can’t believe it’s all improvised!!! There’s more feeling and dialogue in these moments than actual scripts !

  15. Love this thread! I'm just so inspired by her all the time. I'm a DM myself but still so inspired by her playing. Her characterisation and roleplay, hilarious voices, antics and silliness, she's just so cool I can't even handle it. I think some favorite moments for me are some of the big plays she's made, some of the crazy "you can't do anything when Emily has spell slots" moments. Conjure elementals to bring up a bunch of pixies with polymorph I think is my all time favourite.

  16. I haven't seen many people touch on her music much, so I want to say I really love what she's been doing with the C3 soundtrack. I know Murph has been telling her to do music like Final Fantasy basically since the start of the podcast, but it's really resonated this time around. Her whimsical and catchy soundtrack has really enhanced that goofy-yet-serious feeling you got so much with old PS1 gammes.

  17. She has such an infectious laugh. I don't think I'd laugh half as much if she wasn't constantly chuckling too

  18. So many! She combines mechanics and character moments so well! My top 5 Emily moments are 1) the thorn whip/ misty step combo in C1 in pirates bounty. 2) the LEGENDARY Sacharina turn in crown of candy on D20. She flies over guards, teleports a dying man to safety, does max damage to everyone around her and then casts spare the dying to stop his death saves in 1 turn. 3) the fight this week where she does detect thoughts since the the character is so venerable instead of fighting 4) Fia Claus from C2 with phantom steed and floating disk. So funny and so cool. 5) being/ fighting Hilda Hilda in D20 fantasy high s2. I have the time stamps bookmarked to go back when I’m feeling sad

  19. I binged Crown of Candy a few months back and the legendary Sacharina turn was truly amazing. The way Murph looks at her while she perfectly combos her stuff is so god damn sweet, I literally sent the clip to my friend saying “find you a man who looks at you the way murph looks at Emily while she whomps Brennan”

  20. the detect thoughts from this week into BONUS ACTION MISTY STEP ABOVE TO ATTACK is the sickest roleplay and combat choice ever. like, i’m stealing that misty step maneuver for my PC and giving one of my players a scroll of detect thoughts or something. incredible

  21. Fia Claus is one of the moments in the pod that has made me literally laugh out loud. All the ways she figured out to use tender’s floating disk in C2 were absolutely ingenious. I loved the bone barge as well.

  22. Every single weird fucking thing she made up for the crick. Idk if she made them up on the spot or had a few lined up ahead of time just waiting for the right moment to sprinkle them in but they always had me dying.

  23. I've gotten so use to her humor, that whenever she starts off a sentence that's sweet, or impactful, I just wait for the second half of the sentence, knowing it's a twist.

  24. All of the music. …Chicken. The thinking cap. Turning that dark Paladin into a dolphin. Womping the king of Gladeholme. Counterspelling Tomevar. Flooding the vampire coffins in Shadowfell. The hemp milk song. Calling Murph a city pigeon.

  25. Bridget! My husband LOVES Bridget. He's only ever seen/heard her play D&D in the background when I'm watching it, but he's watched every episode of Hot Date with me and cries laughing every time Bridget appears.

  26. I’ve always been so impressed and amazed with Moonshine using Chill Touch over and over in the Thiala fight to stop her from undoing the damage they do each round. You’d think a cantrip would be useless in the BBEG fight but Emily has such an understanding of game mechanics that she saw the value. It’s not the most impressive thing she did in C1 by a long shot but I was so amazed and inspired to find more creative uses for spells in my own games than just “it does damage.”

  27. No one makes me laugh or cry more!! And she doesn’t just entertain, but the way she interacts with the others at the table, the characters she plays and the stories she’s helps create—they genuinely make me want to be a better person. She does such a wonderful job of bringing people into the story—like when she had Fig give Gorgug the drumsticks + become part of the band!! Top tier, made me emotional. D&D has become a center point of my life—career wise and personally—and Emily’s play style has impacted literally every part of the way I approach the game.

  28. Impossible to list all the great creative chaos but Emily characters doing something embarrassing/personal and then immediately going into a dead sprint is my favorite recurring trait.

  29. I’m really really early still but I think one that sticks out to me is Moonshine choosing not to accept the Wind Elementals blessing because she didn’t do anything in the fight. Since I was introduced to NADDPOD through D20, it was cool seeing her do something more passive in that situation given how active she usually is!

  30. I'm concerned this will seem like criticism on a post that's meant to counter the negativity I know she gets a lot of so I want to clarify on the top that this is genuinely a thing I really find impressive and the compliment isn't just like, a smokescreen for the first part of it which might seem critical by itself.

  31. Everything her characters do has a deep, strong reason IN CHARACTER, for happening. She does so many whacky things, but none of them are ever out of character. It's amazing roleplaying.

  32. a constant that always makes me laugh is her characters abruptly leaving conversations. fig’s “I skateboard away” and onyx’s “I wander away” and I think moonshine’s often done an “I walk away” at the exact moment that they’ve stepped in shit or gotten caught in something awkward or like onyx just got bored lmao. and whenever fia got into something awkward she would splutter for a second and then just go “vhaaat?” in the funniest tone it makes me laugh so much every time

  33. Emily is probably the single greatest d&d player I'm aware of. So smart, funny, dedicated to her characters and parties, tactical and emotionally deep.

  34. It's going to be real hard not reading any of the comments in here, but I'm going through my first listen-through of C1, and just got to the Frozen Heart episode where Murph finally reveals Moonshine's Dad, the pact that Bev Sr. made with Akarot, and the fate of Hardown's mom and holy shit, she was just so on point from start to finish. The emotion she showed in her flashback when having her memories being gone through with the witch, and the way she handled the bounce-back after the fact.

  35. I can't think of just one thing Emily has done over the years I've been consuming content she's in that I can say is my favorite. She played her role on ARE expertly, she's given us amazing combat and roleplay moments in the Thiala Saga, made a character I absolutely fell in love with in the Moxura Saga, and has given me, at the very least, a character with very relatable struggles to latch on to. Not to mention her excellent blend of character development and comedic timing in each Dimension20 season.

  36. she always thinks through a full, interesting character. One thing that really sticks out to me is Egwaine developing a grudging respect for Moonshine and Moonshine in turn being SO gratified by it - really well played!

  37. it's the builds & commitment to character for me. her builds are always busted and very cool, but it never detracts from character!

  38. All the music. I regularly use it in my campaigns, as there’s so much variety in the moods and vibes and they are genuinely beautiful songs. A Bastard No More and The Twinkling Lights of Galederon also are unironically in my yoga playlist.

  39. Callie finale, moonshine vs Elf king, Literally anytime one of her characters has a moment to shine. She breaths such life into her characters it feels like im right there with them watching them succeed. What’s more, how she builds her characters is inspired, they’re always personality first, optimization second. She plays like every dm WISHES their PCS play. Fantastic role player and super funny BEAST

  40. Emily’s character in Arc 1 of Rotating Heroes Podcast cast. Halfling Horse girl Brenda Elizabeth. Absolute gold! Also every time Moonshine wild shapes into a pregnant animal, or when she polymorphs enemies into dolphins.

  41. All the merch from hot boy summer rocked. Love Emily! Really loving her and murph in d20 this season as well.

  42. I love the Trinsragram trinyvale phenomenon that Emily just sort of...manifested early in the campaign and then became a legitimate mechanic. I love how she can just flesh out a world off the dome.

  43. One time in, I think, a short rest she's talking about her new year's resolutions and how she makes them not to stop doing something but to start doing something and I think that's gonna stick with me forever.

  44. Emily is inspirational, talented, creative and quite frankly one of the best story tellers in this space. She brings to life all characters she plays and it's absolutely amazing.

  45. Emily is the perfect D&D player, who introduces the right amount of chaos and push back against the DM while also loving the game and respecting the rules. I love it when my players bring a little Emily energy to my table.

  46. Listening to her compare Jake to an eagle (hawk?) And then Murph to a city pigeon and then try to dig herself put of the hole she just dug... amazing comedy moment! She was just so sure that her own positive interpretation of a city pigeon type personality was obvious and then you can hear her realize that it was not received as a compliment. I relisten to this short rest episode periodically and it's always as funny as the first time I heard it

  47. Its from D20 not NADDPOD but one of my favorite Emily moments ever is "I kiss her then I skateboard away!" and Brennan just being like "Is it normal for people to run away like that?"

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