I see a trend

  1. My feet naturally ”want” to stand in odd positions and I’ve always subconsciously put the weight ”inward” when walking so this is kind of true for me lmao

  2. The equivalent of asking some instagirl what planets need to align and what colour cat needs to walk past you today to determine your emotional state

  3. Guys it's 2022, Men can like flowers and be emotional okay? Just like how women can headbutt people and brutalize people with a nailbat

  4. Personally I like flowers and head butting people, but being emotional and brutalizing people with a nail at just isn’t my forte

  5. tell me i'm not the only person who's tired of artists who do this with every single one of their girl characters. i understand it can inform you about a character sometimes but i don't think people in real life stand like that, it's kinda uncomfortable

  6. Yeah, that is kinda tiring for me as well. I have original characters that are girls, but they don’t all stand with their feet closed (or open, for that matter). I’m not good at drawing feet.

  7. I mean…most of the female characters I’ve seen drawn who don’t stand like this are often tomboys, and whatnot. If anything, all this seems like is a subtle indicator of femininity. One of them, atleast.

  8. Undefined temperature take: Basil gets babied by OMORI's (and the fandom's) visual storytelling and it's part of the reason why some people hate him.

  9. also only Omori and Mari have shoes and everyone else is bare feet this is a referance to Sunnys uncontrolable foot fetish

  10. 🏩: i was gonna say basil isn’t a girl but ended up saying “ralsai isn’t a girl” out loud 😵‍💫

  11. With the was this comment section (and post) looks, ima just go out and say CALL PEOPLE WHAT THEY WANNA BE CALLED. Neither the game nor basil used the term "femboy" ONCE so it's safe to assume basil doesn't wanna be called that so don't. Also,neither the game nor basil called basil a girl, so it's safe to asuume HE DOESN'T WANNA BE CALLED THAT.

  12. Not to be rude but can someone tell me the twist of this game, a friend desperately tried to get me to play It and I knew there was a twist coming and it bothered me and I can't finish it. I know it's gonna be sad, but what the fuck was going on

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