Does OMORI take place in the 90's?

  1. Yep! The technology within the game is one of the easiest ways to realize this. No phones, old computers, classic game systems. It's why a lot of the people who play the game feel a sense of nostalgia

  2. Yeah. Though throughout the time I noticed that a lot of people that write fanfiction f. e. ignore that fact and constantly put smartphones in the plot because it seems there is no other way to communicate at a distance… it’s not like there was and still is such thing as stationary phones and it’s limitation is what made people go out of their houses back than and that is why Sunny’s Hikikomori life was such a dream escapism hell unlike modern days Shut-ins that have the whole internet for their entertainment.

  3. Yeah but i don't feel the "90's nostalgia" when I play the game, when I play the game I feel a "Early 2010's nostalgia"

  4. So if you really think about it through all of those time, sunny was probably browsing 4chan at one point

  5. I agree with this. Headspace Hero is definitely older than 10 years old because the others are all around 11. Even if he was born in 1990, it would be at least 2000 in Headspace and at least 2004 in Faraway Town. I can't say exactly when it takes place though because I don't remember the exact age gap between Hero and the others.

  6. I like the idea of headspace being based off of the 90s while the real world takes place in the 2000s because of how different the 2000s was compared to the 90s. There were some similarities, but there were some major differences such as a big increase in school shootings, and the internet suddenly becoming popular.

  7. There's an NPC in Headspace that says "despite all my rage I am still just a mole in a cage" a reference to a song from 1998(?) so that's the earliest possible date or I'm looking too deep into a reference

  8. If we’re looking into actual, real dates, the the timeline kind of falls apart because Pluto was officially a planet until 2006.

  9. SNES consoles and Walkman are referred to as "the newest" thing at present, plus there's a indestructible cellphone joke that could be traced back to Nokia 3310, which was released in the winter of 2000.

  10. I'm willing to bet late 90s early 2000s considering the technology, social climate and general theme of the game as well as the fact that we can almost all unanimously relate to it as "childhood memories" which the game is clearly using against us

  11. my friend told me the irl segments are 2003 and so 4 years before that is safely within the 90s, (also please dont spoil anything i hadnt gotten past humphrey the whale ;-;)

  12. Pluto stopped being a planet in 2006, so the actual events of the game have to take place sometime after that for Sunny to know about it. Presumably not too long after since technology isn’t advanced enough for the 2010s era.

  13. I think it’s closer to really early 2000s, mainly because of the fact that dw hero is like 13-14 and he’s going into college in the real world so it must be like 2005-2006, unless I’m getting ages wrong

  14. The code in Breaven is 07201969 so im assuming thats a year since we know Sunny's bday is 7/20 so he was born 1969. He is 15/16 so thats 1984/1985 so it takes place in the 80s

  15. If hero was 14 here, and pluto stopped being a planet in 2006, and sunny has been locked away for 4 years, that would mean Hero would need to have been born in the late 90s, at least in 1996 for the timeline to match up. The game probably takes place around 2008 or so Id say?

  16. Hero born in 199X (lets say 1990) and it is 1999 lets say if it is the 90s, hero is 9 (now to be fair I forgot how much time passed since

  17. Actually Hero was born in the 90s, as he had 15 in headspace at that time and as he is now 19 I think the game takes place at least in 2009 or above.

  18. I think Omocat posted a pic for Kels birthday and it said 2003 or something like that in the card, so dreamworld/flashbacks probably happen during 1999

  19. Did you walk into that store area they literally have comic books and one of the early Nintendo systems and it’s mentioned how cool and new it is and also do you see any cell phones i’m surprised no one else noticed

  20. There’s a photo in Basil’s photo book dated the 9th of March that says “We’re all staying over at Sunny’s house this weekend”, which means that 9th of March falls on a Saturday. There were two years in the 90s where the 9th of March fell on a Saturday. 1991 and 1996. So it’s probably one of those two.

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