DeWine says he opposes legalizing marijuana

  1. As someone that grew up around multiple of his children, he would shit his in pants if he knew what his kids were up to in high school.

  2. And now we know why he has a vendetta against legalized marijuana. The devil’s lettuce corrupted his perfect children.

  3. That's why Michigan gets thousands of Ohio residents crossing the border daily to get rec cannabis while Ohio loses out on tax revenue 😅. I guess it's still too profitable to ticket/arrest people for a harmless plant 🤷🏿‍♂️

  4. Less tax money is great for Republicans because they can use it as an excuse to strangle out government services and then claim that it’s the fault of the government service.

  5. I had a med card for Ohio for two years and never spent one red cent in Ohio. Uncompetitive. Taxes are higher but now the card isn't even necessary. Does Ohio realize that they've rendered their whole medical program obsolete?

  6. Really want to see a chart. How much money does Michigan make from Ohio and Illinois trying to be shady high school boof dealers??

  7. The state governments that haven’t legalized cannabis would rather have the ability to throw people in prison than collect tax revenue.

  8. It's a felony if you're caught doing that, I'm almost positive, I'm all for it just be smart about it and don't give the cops a reason to pull you over while moving it. Check your headlights and tail lights and brake lights and drive the speed limit, I'd also put the substance in a partially full coffee can in your trunk. I'm a touch paranoid but it's worked out so far for people close to me who take the risk for the lettuce.

  9. Which is very, very illegal even with a card just so anyone is wondering. I’m not against it, but be careful because highway patrol on the Ohio side catches people coming back from Michigan for that exact reason. Be safe and have fun y’all.

  10. They need to make those arrests to keep poor people in prison. Those private prisons don’t just pay for themselves

  11. You should stop and ask why any of the government deserves any tax revenue from this. I'm all for recreational, but I'm not about to jump on the "it'll be good for taxes" bandwagon. The government gets plenty of money to misuse.

  12. As a moderate who leans towards the right, fuck dewine. I am a combat veteran who wants guns and marijuana but I dont want to get my mmc, because I dont want the grey area of owning guns. So legalizing it would be better. Imagine not wanting to make money off something less harmful than alcohol and tobacco. Oh wait they get kick backs. Scummy man.

  13. This is weird. Most Republicans and Democrats want weed legalized at this point. This is one of the few things that everyone can agree on. Plus the tax money would be great for our state

  14. In the link, he said he doesn't support legalization because of how fatal car accident rates, where the driver tested positive for THC, have gone up in states where it was legalized (fucking obviously it would). But, the research I've found discussing this only correlates rates and not any other factors. These areguements lack nuance and are, in my uneducated opinion, intellectually dishonest. It feels like the scary unknown scapegoat that's easy for conservative blue-hairs to latch onto and sprinkle onto discussions about the topic because there is so little actual hard data behind the phenomenon. But, again, just my 2 cents.

  15. It was made illegal as a way to criminalize being a minority. It's a way to divide a population and keep a culture war raging. It provides a steady stream of prison labor. As long as it is still an effective way to accomplish this there's no reason for Republican politicians to support legalization. An increase in tax revenue only hurts their positions, a poor uneducated populace is necessary for them to survive.

  16. Why is smoking the go to way to administrator the drug? Edibles are able to give all the benefits with the secondhand smoke and other side affects from smoking.

  17. I wish that were the case. Then he would never have gotten elected or Kasich before him. Remember how Kasich promised to stop the casinos. I guess the silver lining is, Kasich was lying when he said it. Unfortunately I really believe Dewine (and most Republicans) strongly oppose legalizing weed.

  18. I moved here a lil over a year ago from Oregon and the fact that Ohio still refuses to legalize is astounding.

  19. He opposes legalizing it because if he did he would take a serious hit on all of his pharmaceutical investments he has. Opiate epidemic hit Ohio hard and he did nothing. In his mind if you want legal weed just shut your mouth and slam some pills

  20. That’s fine and dandy but I no longer have access to pills either. I have to take a hot bath for an hour every morning just to hobble to work. Pain management will not prescribe opioids unless you go thru a series of spinal injections. My cardiologist will not allow spinal injections due to my medication. So, yeah… what do you do?

  21. Why are we still suggesting emails? We're talking about people are scam the entire state with things like first energy, and you expect emails to go anywhere other than the trash?

  22. Legalization should not be done for financial reasons, it likely won't help Ohio that much in that regard.

  23. DeWine is against any legitimate action to adopt policies to coincide with a changing demographic. The guy doesn't give a fuck about you, me , and the rest of the Ohio population... He's totally in it for himself.

  24. Well, he angered his base when he suggested they inconvenience themselves slightly by wearing a mask in public. Any favor he created with Dems is now long gone. I'm just afraid Ohio is about to get a DeSantis in the next election.

  25. He’s afraid that kids will eat the gummies but no word of the liquor cabinet unlocked or cold beer in the fridge. Like every grocery store doesn’t have a whole aisle of horses and basketball displays advertising beer. My job drug tests so this doesn’t concern me but if alcohol is legal then weed should be too.

  26. In a lot of the rural communities in Ohio (who vote for him and the like) high school kids already have drinking problems by the time they graduate. It's a lifestyle out there.

  27. I'm so confused why politicians think their own opinions matter. Your only job is to do the will of the people you represent. You're supposed to do what we want. Not what you want.

  28. That's fine I just keep going to Michigan to give them my money. By the time we legalize it's gonna be just like the casino shit they pulled

  29. Get with it DeWine, it’s a weed, a plant, revenue for Ohio. Make it free choice recreational. I don’t smoke and I still see this as common sense. Don’t be Nixon about it.

  30. Byebyejob soon. Dude also doesn't have the balls to point out that the voting map was completely fucked. Kind of like Jim Jordan didn't have the balls to turn those coaches in for bang and those kids.

  31. No way Dewine gets re-elected. Dems hate him for.. the obvious reasons, and Reps hate him for doing anything at all about the pandemic. He’s fucked.

  32. If I end up doing sound at a debate he's at, I will steal his little foot stool lol. I lost it when his helpers would try to discretely place it in front of his podium.

  33. Fine then, I'll take my tax paying ass and move to Michigan where i can come home after a long day at work, smoke a bowl and cook dinner for my family without any hassle from you're petty authoritarian ass. I can probably get a better paying job there too.

  34. Is he the king? If the vast majority of Ohio citizens want legalization of what is proven to be less harmful than alcohol, it needs to go to vote. One man does not a state make. I’m beginning to believe that democracy is merely a curtain like Oz possessed….

  35. Oh, a crusty, old, conservative, white, fossil still thinks it is the Regan era and the War on Drugs will be a roaring success, and hey, if we can lock up a few extra poor people and minorities for nonviolent weed offenses, that’s just a bonus, right?

  36. He’s an old douche. Fuck him. I’m 48 and think we need ALL of these old white dudes OUT of office. Get rid of the Good Ole Boys Club.

  37. if ohio legalized it, some people might actually be able to get jobs. or, they can just dump the weed and go back on a fist full of pharmeceuticals, because that makes sense.

  38. There are next to zero downsides to legalization, other than losing out on tobacco and private prison lobby money. I'm only 30, but in my lifetime I can't think of a policy that has been more universally supported.

  39. Not like he’s pro anything that makes sense. Dude is a fucking moron. He’s hoping to get re elected and I’m going to do my part to make sure that doesn’t happen. Fight them at the voting booth.

  40. I'm with you, I been campaigning since November. I'm taking car loads of people to vote him out in November, as a matter of fact no Republicans Governors.

  41. But he’s A-Ok with a medical system that doesn’t have enough store locations, financially bleeds the patient, and has consistent quality control issues.

  42. Fuck sake, we need to get these dinosaurs out of office! DeWine is a career politician and cares for no one but his 1% friends. He promised change, to my face, after the Dayton shootings and he still hasn't done shit.

  43. It would be very interesting is this issue became a proxy referendum in the Nov 8, 2022 gubernatorial election. I think the Republican legislature is too smart to allow that to play out, but I’d love to see it.

  44. Of course he does. His continued half-assed mixed message on the level of control government should exert over people is consistent. Lots of freedom for guns, no personal freedom of your own body. Not even smart enough to vote, we'll tell you how to do that, too. Don't get me going on covid...

  45. It doesn't matter what your affiliation is, you can request whichever ballot you want when you go vote in the primaries.

  46. Until we stand up to Republicans and democrats we will never see it legalized start electing libertarians and you will see big changes in liberty.

  47. DeWine you unmitigated asshole. You have been against the wishes of your state for what 20+ years now. Isn't it time for you to sit the hell down 👎.

  48. tbh, I can't see him making it another term. Far too many in his party disagree with his handling of COVID, and it's not like you're going to people switch parties to support him because the liked his handling of it.

  49. I assume he is getting paid by big pharma to oppose it. Given politicians are coin operated these days, maybe we need to pool our money to bribe them to get what we want.

  50. You're going to have stupid parents everywhere. It's the same with cigarettes, guns, and alcohol. The amount of stories I have heard of people stealing their parents cigarettes or vodka because it was just left in the open when they were kids is amazing. Just be a responsible parent and put your shit away and educate your kids. It's not that hard.

  51. Even if you legalize it, you can still put restrictions on the usage. Like, you must be over 18 (or 21) to buy one, you can't drive after smoking weed, etc. A lot of stuffs already applied to alcohol can be extended to weed if safety to the society is a concern, perhaps with the exception of no sale on Sunday; that's just a Handmaid Tales BS.

  52. Makes sense that’s petition with the required signatures was shot down with a explanation that some signatures were invalid with less than a week to correct the issue. Everything rolls from the top.

  53. Mike DeSwine strikes again! Really hope my state gets it right and votes this republican douchebag out. Hopefully not for another republican douchebag either.

  54. I see it like smoking. Like do that at your own risk, but don't let it affect me. Idk much about mary jane but if it impairs you, you probs shouldn't be allowed to drive while on it.

  55. Agreed we don’t need Ohio littered with unchecked To Do lists from stoned lazy Buckeyes. Potheads could make Ohioans not do things like live up to promises of gun control after the Dayton massacre

  56. DeWine is right legal weed is to damn expensive. People will buy on black market we will miss out on tax revenues from it.

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