Is crown peach doing another release?

  1. Check out some of the online recipes for cocktails. I’m not crazy about it, but the Mrs. would sell her soul for it 😎

  2. I had heard from a GE employee that it would become a regular release that would be available year round starting this year

  3. Hi, a random liquor store manager here, Salted Caramel will not be dropping this year according to our Diageo rep, unfortunate but they don't have the production capacity apparently. That could definitely change all of a sudden however, best of luck to you 😁😁

  4. When I'm wrong, I'm wrong and I'll admit it. Peach is hitting places again. Saw it yesterday and apparently a few places today

  5. I don't think I did a consistent job of including Crown Royal Peach in my daily posts. Unfortunately those were always subject to my own personal list of "interesting products" and I may not have considered CR Peach interesting enough or I might just have missed that it was circulating and forgotten to include it.

  6. I got one this spring. Bought it because it was a “thing”. Not sure how people are drinking it. I don’t see the attraction.

  7. It’s not for everyone, I love the more natural peach flavor than you get with Jim Beam or some of the others. Try it with some orange juice or pineapple juice if you like sweet cocktails. I drank this all week at the beach 😃

  8. I bought a bottle for my parents in the middle of July at GE Hebron. They had a few cases then. I can't speak of other locations receiving it.

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