Crushed Berries - Butterfly Effect

  1. It's different for everyone but I bought it a few months ago and it was weak and the only strain I have gotten paranoia from.

  2. I had high hopes for this strain based on reviews. Out of the package it looked really promising, although half of the buds looked different than the rest. However, taste and effects were meh. I was really hoping for the stinky feet cheese smell and a knock me on my ass couch lock. Instead, it was slightly sweet with a hint of lemon, and wound me up rather than calm me down.

  3. Definitely felt relaxed but not stuck on the couch lazy. So I liked that. Tasted great, had a smooth hit, but the high didn’t seem to last long at all. I didn’t get paranoia but like everyone else had higher hopes. Smelled bomb, tasted bomb, but the rest just didn’t do it for me.

  4. I see so many mixed reviews I feel like this strain really depends on the batch you get. I had such high hopes that this strain would be my new jam but it was just ehh.

  5. Good to know thanks. This is the first strain I got from them and was disappointed. I’ll look out for those others!

  6. What do you think about smell/taste? I picked up some and it smelt like rotten ass and tasted even worse. Buzz was OK though.

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