Louis XIII - Farkas Farms

  1. Smell? taste? effects? thoughts....? We love bud pictures and all here, but we also want a description or a look at the terps list just to have some information about it before trying.

  2. Sorry! I will start leaving reviews. My husband and I seem to differ on things so I hate people relying on my point of view but I’ll start giving it! My first thought was it smelled like fresh cut grass. Like I just woke up, went outside and my neighbs just got done cutting. Mine wasn’t dry at all and super fluffy. Broke up in my grinder perfectly. No complaints there. I’ve only vaped it twice so far but I liked it. Relaxed, made me want to chill and watch a movie but I didn’t feel glued to my seat and didn’t give me munchies. I agree with the above as well, definitely acted as an aphrodisiac on my system too. It wasn’t the best- the high felt a little weak just in that it wasn’t very long lasting.I’m not rushing back to the dispensary to buy a half of the stuff but I would definitely buy it again.

  3. I purchased Louie from Farkus Farms from the first batch more than a few months ago (wasn't too dry). The first batch had a quality vape session, enjoyable indica-effects that also acted as an aphrodisiac on my system.

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