Dry Weed? Get a Hydrostone

  1. You've got to be careful using these. They don't regulate humidity like the boveda packs. They only add moisture. It doesn't take much moisture for mold/mildew

  2. Yes, thank you, I completely agree and been weary of the mold! I usually leave it in overnight then take it out next day. Someone else mentioned the boveda packs too so I’m going to order some and check em out.

  3. Toss this in water for a few minutes, throw it in your container where you keep your bud and works like a charm. All this dry dispensary weed needs it.

  4. Boveda packs work nicely as well.. just got my first pack of 62% off Amazon and I’m happy with them

  5. It’s worth the few bucks! I just toss it in my container and the next morning it’s all good.

  6. I’ve never tried the humidity packs, just heard of them once I posted this. This works super quick and efficiently. I take it out the next day to prevent mold or it getting too much moisture. I do plan on trying the humidity packs but this stone works great for me either way.

  7. No. Its really easy to over saturate your weed using a hydrostone. With Boveda packs you can leave it in the jar forever without your weed getting too wet.

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