Vapen Green 🍏 Apple THC Syrup- has anyone else tried this stuff? Ill be honest, I went into the dispensary with some cash to spend and obviously didn't do ANY TYPE of research before hand. We mixed it with kool-aid and it still was very strong. Any recommendations? Thanks 😊

  1. Get 2 Styrofoam cups, put a few of your favorite jolly ranchers in it, fill it up with your favorite ice (mine is frisch's style) then fill it a lil over halfway with sprite then slowly pour the syrup in because it will fizz/foam up if you pour to quickly.

  2. I tried this just last night. I mixed it with sprite kind of tasted good at first then I couldn’t stop thinking it tasted like a four loko. Effects were good and hit fast but to mask taste I doubt there’s anything better than a soda of some kind

  3. Funny you say that my brother thought the same, it kinda does taste like a flat 4 loko lol, maybe vapen has other flavors? I haven't seen anything other than green apple where I'm at.

  4. Do not mix this with sprite. The grape is nasty as fuck y’all, and it is not lean, it does not mix with sprite.

  5. They really need to NANO EMULSIFY their product. This syrup tasted bad and was cheaply made imo. There is so much separation between the oil and the syrup. My final complaint is, for the size of that bottle, it's way too weak. I don't want to chug a bottle of cough syrup just to get a 100mg high. That's in regard to the taste as well as the difficulty of actually getting all of the syrup out.

  6. Super strong taste. The effects is pretty good, was very mellowed out, happy, laughing, but then again I don't know it could've been the bud I had as well lol

  7. Couldnt agree more with the negative comments. I really tried my ass off to enjoy this product but the taste was so unpleasant i just can't. Love the extracts I've gotten from vapen, but this syrup is not up to par.

  8. I tried it with sprite and Arizona one time. Do not drink it with Arizona shit was so nasty. But it definitely slumped me helped me actually sleep through the night

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