What are the best strains for a strong citrus taste?

  1. This honestly reminded me of Sherbhead. I was astonished. POW Lemon Aid/Drip is a citrusy bargain. Mixes great with Blue Dream.

  2. Whip it(Klutch), Crushed Berries(Grow Ohio), and Yuzu purple(Buckeye Relief) all have unique citrusy tastes/smells

  3. Super lemon dog live resin sauce is one of the most citrusy things I've ever tasted/smelled. Also, it really lifts your spirits and puts you in a good mood. Great daytime or social med

  4. I agree. I’ve had the luster pod and the flower and just picked up a half of the smalls today. I’ve got orange 43, sunshine lime, gasolina, lemon mints which all have differing citrus aromas. But, the super lemon dog makes for a distinct, mood-enhancing time.

  5. Lemon Tree standard wellness...low thc (15%) but tastes and feels so good...one of the cheapest on the market too that i've seen

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