Gelato POW cart taste?

  1. That doesn't seem like a coincidence that you think it has a funny taste. I heard a bunch of the neon gem/gelato failed for mold/mildew. The rules allow them to process into extracts so I'm sure they did. If done correctly though everything bad should be killed or stripped out from what I've read. Here's post where someone says it failed. Not sure much more info.

  2. Hmmm...that's interesting. I just can't see that being safe if the taste is still there. Guess I'm glad to have bought just the one Gelato cart! Thanks for this btw :)

  3. I haven't tried that and don't plan to. Kind of sad because those carts were so awful, it kind of ruined their brand for me. One of the PD carts ended up looking similar to a gel substance after a few puffs. Very odd.

  4. Absolutely on the lusters. That's pretty much all I smoke anymore. I just decided to give theirs a try. Besides the taste, I got a decent high. Just not good enough to make me switch.

  5. I just finished a gelato cart from POW and I felt pretty uneasy about it. The taste seemed to me like a flavoring and not like a real extract, and I had problems with the cart clogging with about a quarter left, I had to work to get it cleared and then eventually reclaim came out the top so I tossed it. Definitely not buying POW cart again

  6. The pineapple drip cart I opened first looked like it had either been stored funny or was old because the oil left a thin "crust" ring at the top of where oil was, before I smoked a bit. I should take a pic of that one to show everyone. I've never seen anything like that in a cart but flavor wasn't off and seemed good. Something fishy going on. I'm with you on the not buying again. At least not anytime soon. I'll stick with my luster pods!

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