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  1. So initial inspection produces a bud of 1.58 grams with a little larger than popcorn nugs for the rest, 6 total, all frosty with trichrome, weight was 2.84, the aroma on cracking the jar was a little earthy with sugary hints, maybe vanilla?? Any who I like to test my products full effects by grinding .5 up and dynavap ping it, and if I can walk away two times it works for me, so I will grind and let ya know... ah first hit and that sugary vanilla is tasting more like vanilla ice cream. Also long story short I walked away from this twice on .5. It’s very nice. I will give you the fresh wake and bake to let ya know.... but this is very nice an the gmo (genetically modified organism 😜) crossed with sherb-crasher is delightful just in the literal euphoria I feel now. I was able to eat something for the first time today.... ah yea for those who like it thc at a very nice 26.4 no terpenes listed but with the boveda pack game going from 58 to 72 meigs is once again upping there game, I have never missed with this cultivator in 7 strains since September. Never could figure out what people were talking about never find seeds and the nugs are always frosty. Let’s check the effects.... sorry I see some purple in the grind if I am not mistaken that’s always good for me, the shit is a straight up Keifer Sutherland as well, And I must mention this is the tippy top shelf at botanist so it has to tell me I should be good on effects... ah Shit the exhale I can taste the purple, very similar to the g purps, definitely medicinal.... second dynavap pack has me coughing the first pull. That is one walk away, there is plenty left, just another hit in a massive selection of hits of the meigs family of flavor... if anything else comes to mind I will drop it finally I feel euphoric and that’s almost what the label says😎. Also for my reviews just an FYI if you are gonna comment read the other comments because I always address something else because I do these in a 45 min sesh you may already see that I have added “man they need a list of terps or “man they need glass jars”. I usually get to all of that... maybe. Peace

  2. ‘the shit is a straight up Kiefer Sutherland as well’ ^ sounds a lot like something my friends and I would joke about lol

  3. I wish they included terpenes... so we could know definitively know if they are in fact the same or very similar terpenes to G Purps because I would love to know. G Purps is my daily. All day. Every day. And I can’t find anything that even touches it. And I’m mainly talking about Terps. It’s the only flower I can take literally the first hit of every day and instantly start sweating it hits that hard. And I don’t medicate once a day lol.

  4. Nice review looks good. I had this bud back around August 2020 and it looked completely different... very purple lol. Right around 25 or 26% like your batch

  5. Only negatives I have had is that my brand went from bottom shelf to top shelf overnight, so if you guys could start dogging it again so it’s 35 not 46 that would be great. Tell the world how shitty that’s meigs weed is please. I need my meds cheaper. Like I said, all of my meigs has been like this. The animal mints in December had maybe a premature bud. Like 1 or it was just another pheno... that’s my only complaint in 10 purchases, as well as they didn’t have boveda packs when I first got em made the carol annes lemonade dry. Still hit like the bomb though. I mean you gotta dig them for adding the 58 bov then jumping to the 62. Gotta list them terpenes and add fifths half’s and wholes and this will be top cultivator in my opinion. I used to. Get them for 35 all last year. The gelato number 33 was like 28.7 percent thc so they made that one 40. They now are top in Columbus shops and pretty much all central and southeast. Which means southwest is paying taxed prices. Ah tmi. Have a great day. By the way I had anxiety about doing this post now I am just spouting nonsense to strangers and loving every minute of it. So this is great for anxiety if you have it. Takes stage fright away from me in 15 mins or less. That’s the genetically Modified organism in it 😂

  6. Dude it’s also funny you were right on the cusp If you had gotten there next drop it would have stoned you! Just shows you how precarious a good grow op is. I had some friends back in the day who We’re hydro flo all the way and they decided to go dirt. Well they used there hydro chemicals in dirt and we literally could count the trichomes on every nug. There were 63 per ounce 😂

  7. I know. That’s why I put the faces. I say genetically modified organism because, what’s in a name? I hear some people called a strain nuke one time and kids kept getting investigated. The truth of it is that some guys were getting stoned on a new strain and they were watching robocop 2 and the street drug in the movie was nuke, anyway I don’t mean to be misleading and I will work on my humor at the right moments. My apologies...

  8. By the way garlic cookies is gmo times gsc. Or maybe I misread it somewhere. I mean cause that would make sense you know like garlic from the gmo and cookies from the Girl Scout

  9. I think this is a really great example of how our individual body chemistries determine our experiences. Would be interested to know what cultivar or strain gives you euphoria?

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