Klutch ice cream cake flower and FS white papaya rosin

  1. Klutch ice cream cake 2.83g 24% THC. I haven’t had this since it was branded under calyx peak. The smell is a lot better this time around. It looks really nice - well trimmed, colorful, crystally, etc. I was hesitant about klutch because last time I bought some triangle mints it was super dry. This doesn’t seem nearly as bad. Vaped some with pax 3 and had great effects. Would get some more in the future!

  2. Every extract I've gotten from FS has been 🔥. Switch berry has been my favorite so far but they've all been great. best smell and taste I've had actually. I've eyeballed the white papaya a few times I'll have to pull the trigger next time I see.

  3. I got this at Rise. Also sorry to hear that yours was crumbly. I haven’t had much rosin from FS, all have been around this consistency. However I did get some shatter once that was more like melted goop

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