Cannabis helped my COVID vaccination side effects

  1. Same here! I had my second dose on Monday, felt fine until about 2am Tuesday. I laid there with chills, upset stomach and a headache for an hour before loading up my vape. After a few hits all of the symptoms died down and I was able to sleep the rest of the night.

  2. this post is extremely re-assuring for me, I get my second dose on 3/31 and it's had me all sorts of nervous ... definitely keeping my vape at my bedside that night lol

  3. received my 1st dose pfizer 3/14, next day arm soreness/like having been punched hard. i had just renewed my card and one of my doctor’s recommendations was the standard soothe salve. keeping correlation/causation fallacy in mind i applied a dime size after an hour or so i didn’t think about it for the rest of the day, entirely resolved. anecdotal, n=1, ymmv disclaimer. thanks for the info on your 2nd dose experience.

  4. For what it’s worth, I actually had covid about 6 weeks back and smoked flower daily (just a few puffs as a night cap). Still fought headaches, fatigue and shortness of breath; but it was all pretty mild. I’m not advocating that this something people should do, just stating for me it didn’t really hurt necessarily

  5. Ya the same effects you would get from just letting your body get immune on its own ive had it twice neither time was bad for 99% of people thats how it is very similar damn near identical to flu symptoms hmmmm...I'm good on a vaccine to each their own but I don't believe in that shit and most hippy mfs don't either im anti Vax unless you have a health condition that someone knows for a fact you would be better off getting vaccinated who once again I don't even trust the amount of people that trust a vaccine that hasn't even been out 6 months are crazy it normally takes 10 years give or take worth of trials etc to develop a vaccine good luck in the future hopefully you have no adverse effects down the road that you probably won't even correlate with the vaccination but just know you put poison in yiur body and yiu were better off exposing yourself naturally which unless you been in a cave were already exposed whether you like it or not lol people are funny once again for over 99% of people covid is like a cold...the AP and all these jokesters are even coming out and saying that now that the elections over covid was never that serious y'all got played

  6. I came here to try and get educated to see if I could smoke weed after my vaccination because I'm a almost hourly smoker, but this guy looks like he needs the education more

  7. I was scared that hitting my vape pen would cause complications after getting my moderna 1st dose today but this is pretty reassuring Imma try it before I go to sleep tonight

  8. Got my second shot of pfizer yesterday can confirm thc vape did help symptoms wish I would've smoked right after my shot instead of waiting till the next day

  9. Getting my second moderna shot in a couple hours and was looking for a post opening up this conversation, thank you OP.

  10. Thanks for the vaccine info! I’m getting 2nd dose of Pfizer today and I was nervous because everyone I know had bad side effects! This relieved me and I will be toking away the pain 😂

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