Laws on having your card and children?

  1. Does the person in question have an open CPS case? Are they supposed to be compliant with a set of guidelines from CPS (such as no alcohol or drugs) Are they subject to drug screens? I can't imagine them blindly coming out of the woodwork for parents.

  2. Agree, seems like some of the story is missing. If you're responsible with your medicine I'm unsure how cfs would be interested. They have plenty of other things to focus on.

  3. Just in case anyone is unaware, if DCFS or whoever shows up at your door asking questions and asked for a drug screen, you can tell them no and shut the door in their face and there’s nothing they can do about it. Assuming you’re not in some kind of custody dispute or whatever. Then you have to comply obviously.

  4. This was mainly brought up in discussion between me and my brother, I don’t know the person extremely well but we were both wondering about it because were both going to be parents soon! I assume like everyone seems to agree that there’s something more obviously than weed happening there.

  5. I have three children and have no issues. I've had a couple people question or worry but it's just because they're uneducated on the drug. Once they saw me and how it didn't affect me or prohibit me from being an attentive parent, they dropped it.

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