Yuzu purple and the state of verdant Newark

  1. Verdant sold 4 out 5 stores to cresco the Columbus location remains owned by Verdant. Verdant Newark has had the drive thru thing no one else has had it like they did. During the pandemic I never had to go inside Verdant Creations Newark. Columbus on the other hand i had to stand in line just to let them know I was there for a curbside. Little secret the yuzu purple plant was grown buy buckeye relief and it has died rip yuzu purple 💜 . So when you see that yuzu purple flower or vapes you should buy it . I have some amazing pictures of the plant in its prime just b4 harvest last year .. one of my last tours before covid19

  2. I stocked up today and you are right. I talked to them today and they said they will be continuing to be as crazy with their sales as before. I hate that location but if I only have to go once month to save the most money I’ll suck it up. Thanks for the info

  3. I'm not sure exactly where you're based but yuzu purple is always on the menu at the dispensaries I go to. Verdant in Chillicothe has them, although their stock is terribly low. They haven't restocked since I heard of the merger or sale. Anyway, POW London always has it. .5 & 1g carts. Verilife & Strawberry fields.

  4. I think you missed the point here. The yuzu was just a really good cart in the end but my point was to try to warn people that verdant is all different now. You can’t get a text from the Columbus location and assume there will be the same sale in Newark. In fact Newark has set days now so basically they will never do thirty off again or twenty five off even. Best you’ll get is one item for 20 off. If you go to Ohio provisions it’s the same way except everything is already five to ten percent cheaper. So unless verdant just lowers their prices the selection out this way just isn’t worth it. I expect verdant to lose a lot more customers now that they can’t compete price wise

  5. Didnt know the bit about the separation of stores. Kinda glad they dont have good deals now. I hate going there and it gives me a reason to stay out.

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