Best strain at POW London for PTSD/Anxiety

  1. I suffer with both daily, mainly anxiety. I have found any strain with a high amount of Caryophyllene terpene really helps my anxiety. I don’t know if this will translate over to you but I guess Caryophyllene is the only or one of the only terpene that benefits our actual endocannabinoid system. (I am no expert and please do your own research) but I think this is a reason why that particular terpene is beneficial to me. I’ve also found that potent hybrids usually bring on a panic attack or just worsen my anxiety, so I tend to buy only indica leaning hybrids or indicas, but I will still buy a Sativa now and then. I have found Lime Sherbet and Durban Poison from Buckeye relief have been an awesome daytime strain and both really help my anxiety. Another favorite of mine for anxiety and night time use is Triple Chocolate Chip by Grow Ohio. Hopefully I was able to help you in some way! Congratulations on your new card btw and good luck. 💨 🌳

  2. I have the same issues. I started last year and have been buying luster pods, vape. When I wake up in the middle of the night in panic, the last thing I wanna do is roll a joint so I prefer vape. The luster pods IMO are the best. My top calmers are layer cake & sorbetto by Grow Ohio, ICC by Klutch and a good daytime would be MAC1 by Klutch. Those are just my favorites and the ones I've noticed help me. Limonene works best for anxiety for me.

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