Ohio Clean Leaf OCL - Larry OG and Lemon Royal (found in CLE area!)

  1. Purchased at Rise in Lakewood. Was strolling through the menu and saw these so I stopped In and got them. They look and smell amazing! Both strains are actually really sticky - especially the lemon royal. Can’t wait to try them out tonight. I’ve never come across this cultivator around Cleveland

  2. I just grabbed some lemon today. Columbus shops haven’t had any OCL either before I found Ohio provisions.

  3. Always thought they were so dry, had some DStar Kush (Jedi Kush) and Banana Puddintain in the past, crumbled instantly, and the buds looked soo good.

  4. Damn they charging for it though. Had Larry and Dstar beginning of program at Bloom Painesville . Thought it was some of the best. Totally jealous right now, enjoy!

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