Has anyone tried Sherbhead? I read some great reviews. Klutch lists it as a 50/50 Indica/Sativa. What effects? I need & like Indica Dominant strains. Love Klutch; looking to try something new.

  1. This strain is madness, it spins your head up for about 15 mins then slaps you down in the couch

  2. I thought it was ok, but nothing fantastic. I prefer Verano and Farkas Farms to Klutch when it comes to indica dominant strains.

  3. Is it a long lasting effect? When I had Sunset Sherbet a while back it was light & not long lasting effect.

  4. This did not do much for me at all. Tried it once and will not be trying again. It probably would be 50/50 imo based on the effects but definitely not a heavy hitter. I love klutch as well but this one isn't it. ICC or Motorbreath by Klutch are nice.

  5. Its one of my favorites from klutch. But it's hit or miss on the quality. There been times I've bought it and it didn't really have that pungent aroma I like to see but it's a great strain.

  6. That was one egregious incident by one employee who has apologized & Klutch has apologized. That is accountability. Klutch said there will be disciplinary measures & informed training. I understand you are really upset. I’m interested in sharing info on medicinal flower strains; not interested in more stress which is the worst thing for my condition. Please only respond to my posts with helpful information about flower strains. Tx for your understanding ☮️

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