Galenas Banana Hammock

  1. I really wanted these.... saw them on the menu at Verilife. I was just worried the 16% wouldn't do much for me so I passed.... I hated to do it though cuz Galenas is my #1 and I really wanted to try these before they're gone. 😕

  2. Honestly, my best advice is dont go by the thc %. I did the same at first and wasted all my days on tier 2s when tier 1s were better! It’s not only about the thc, it’s about the terpenes, the cure, everything that goes along with it. This was only 16% and it’s in one of my top 5s now! And I’ve always heavily smoked. don’t attack me for saying the S word Do yourself a favor and try it along with some others that are lower in thc!

  3. Galenas... last strain I had from them was Second Breakfast. Triple OG x Blueberry. I have only tried Snowball from them. They do a really good job. They at least give the impression they care about their patients. I could be wrong though. Enjoy, looks tasty!!

  4. I’ve been wanting to try second breakfast but haven’t seen it at my dispensary yet! I’m patiently waiting! This stuff was excellent. Tasty indeed! Hit nice, definitely fruity. My issue is certain strains don’t last long but I still feel the effects from this Banana Hammock and it’s been a minute. Loving it.

  5. Yes i went to Rise on Detroit in Lakewood! They just started getting Galenas in a few weeks ago but it was fucking outrageously priced so I wouldn’t do it. Saw this today for $140 so I got it. It’s definitely one of my Top 5, order online and make the drive if you’re able

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