Where are the specialty growers with the landrace strains??

  1. Won't be happening anytime soon. Most of the strains being listed take longer to properly grow, have lower THC numbers and provide lower yields for growers. The cultivators in our program want the exact opposite they want a quick flowering, 25% THC, heavy yielding hybrid. This is true especially of the smaller growers who the state refuses to allow expansion to.

  2. Also, check out OH 47 from Grow Ohio. It’s AK 47. Probably as close as you will get to landrace outside of Durban from time to time.

  3. Ohio changed some of the strain names “to be less appealing to minors”. Ak-47 to oh-47 is the most obvious example. I saw afghani once as a vape from verdant. But I agree with you. That and more medical cbd heavy flower but not all of us chronic pain people want head highs all the damn time.

  4. Totally into this. I’ve definitely noticed that a lot of the Med programs are going for hype strains rather than the old tried and true. Ohio looks no different. If anyone is interested in learning more about land race, older genetics then I recommend listening to this!

  5. I miss deathstar and dumpster the most. Just got some deathstar the other day but it’s been 15-20 years since I’ve seen dumpsters

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