1. Some strains will always be smaller flowers. Not saying that’s the case for this one. But just remember cannabis is a diverse plant species and they are not all the same.

  2. My recent grabs of Budino and Big Head were on the smaller side. Pineapple Cake on the other hand has a fat juicy nug that I’ve been working away at.

  3. Also, the genetics of clones get weaker and weaker over time. So if they are cultivating from clones, the clones will produce less and less over time. Some say this is a myth but from my personal experience, there is some truth to this. Its due to the high frequencies of new DNA sequence mutations that are only found in clones and not found in the parent plant.

  4. Got some big head (insert a joke here) from them the other day, it's good not bad, it's definitely a hitter, and the smell will wake up the neighborhood, klutch ice cream cake, didn't hit the spot for me the two times I got them, I don't remember what I got from them last time, but the buds were decent size

  5. I've been told that not all harvests make it through full harvest and sometimes they have to harvest plants early because things can turn bad overnight and the product gets sold because well, they aren't going to eat the cost. I was told this by dispensary staff about why sometimes batches are all smaller flowers.

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