Day system sucks!

  1. Is this your first fill period? I ran out of days so damn quick during the first and didn't do much better on the second.

  2. lol well it's not a "prescription" doctors aren't allowed to write prescriptions for marijuana because its a schedule 1 drug according to the DEA, and doctors get their prescribing authorities for controlled substances from the DEA. If you get any kind of controlled substance prescribed to you, on the paper copy is usually the prescribing doctor's DEA number. With marijuana they are simply giving a medically educated "recommendation" that using marijuana will be beneficial to the patient. A prescription would be "use 1 gram of cannabis every 4-6 hours as needed for pain"... and if a doctor wrote that on an RX pad he would lose his license because the DEA says marijuana has no medical value... so essentially they would be prescribing a controlled substance for non-medical use, which at the very least, will get your DEA controlled substance prescribing authority revoked. Also... imagine taking an RX paper with that written on it to a local CVS lol

  3. Yeah, I honestly don't know how some people do it. Especially those who smoke blunts that weigh 1.5g lol. Never understood smoking that much anyways.... I mean vaping....

  4. Where’s our 12 plant flowering at, why can’t it just pass through already. I’m right there with you though, fuck this days system. I have a whole 1 day left

  5. Find a non Cannabis user close to you and get them a card. It's easy to get anymore. Then sign up to be their caregiver 😁 Now you have more days!

  6. It is a horrible system with ever increasing prices, buying weed thats already weeks - months old. IDK about you but I prefer smoking cannabis 4 days after its harvested as soon as its dry enough to stay lit. Not 6-8 weeks later. I don't need a long cure, in fact I prefer smoking it without a cure.

  7. Got a random message from another Reddit user saying they could help when dispensary couldn’t or I didn’t want to get out. Delivered to the door dispenso grade $250 and breaks for more. Anyone else had this happen ?

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