Ohio marijuana legalization measure gets boost as attorney general OKs language for law..... Hope they don't end up removing Home Grow from it.

  1. 🤞 where do I sign the petition. Keep posting, I’ll be sharing on every social media outlet possible. This needs to happen and is something that every mm patient and cannabis enthusiast has to get ambitious about. We no doubt have enough mm patients alone in Ohio to get this on the ballot. Put in the work Ohio. I and many others still live every day with our freedom under assault because we choose to grow our own medicine. Take a stand.

  2. Yeah I’m not falling for it. We need this to pass. It has one of the best social equity programs in the country. Automatic social equity cultivator and dispensary licenses at the beginning of rec and 36% of tax revenue goes to social equity and jobs. That could be like $100 million every year. EVERY YEAR.

  3. Lol, I'm probably one of the shills that u speak of. But yeah, if you don't like prices in the med market, wait until you see a rec market controlled by Cresco, Riviera Creek, and all of the other big growers in the program.

  4. Let's go to the top and make sure when it's going down they know how many of us are watching and want home grow to remain and no other bs

  5. The fact that patients are taxed at all here is insane. Just to add insult to injury after supply couldn't meet demand last year, they started the whole 90-day refill nonsense.

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