Love the lay out and the info, concentrates should be cheaper or more weight

  1. Cresco does seem to be putting out good quality products. I wasn't a biggest fan of their flower early in the program but they really have stepped it up lately from what I've seen. Hopefully they keep it up and stay consistent. It would be nice to see them lower prices or sales like POW did (at least at Sunnyside location). They're one of the growing numbers of brandswho have vertically integrated so they should pass some of those savings on to patients

  2. If they could just get behind home grow they'd be the one of the best cannabis companies we have in this country. Until they do that their morals are questionable but I love their flower. I think due to being mandated to grow in Ohio and having to build a facility, it took them some time to get their Ohio flower up to par with the quality of their flower in other states.

  3. All I know is Columbia Care products are absolute shit. That being aid I dig the packaging of your posted product.

  4. Totally agree, picked up a full gram of cresco Wedding Cake concentrate in Michigan last month for $65 including tax. Still kind of pricey for a single gram but that was at a rec dispensary as well. Ohio needs to get their market right.

  5. "Concentrates should be cheaper or more weight" It takes approx 1lb of dried plant to make 56g of concentrate on average unless you are making it from very potent 20+% material. I wish you would invest in a grow, equipment to extract, grow a crop, process the crop, make the extraction & then tell us how it should be cheaper. Only those who have never grown & processed think it should be cheaper. Its not as cheap as you think to produce your meds.

  6. Extracts should be viewed as a "value-added" product. Meaning it should be made with material that was otherwise valueless. This business model will keep prices reasonable.

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