Are people worried that if things start getting called out or spoken on that the state will take the program away or something?

  1. It seems like everyone is for patient solidarity and activism until someone actually puts a little fire behind it. And it's frustrating to see that many people basically say "well we better not rock the boat. This is Draconian, but it's something."

  2. This is exactly what I'm saying man. But when you drop truth about it, suddenly people act like you just took a dump in the punch bowl. We can and must do better. I think this is a symptom of Ohio's culture as well. There is still a pretty sizeable population of folks who haven't shook the old stigma conditioning. It's sad truly.

  3. I think a lot of the attitude you're sensing is possibly people who are realistic about the speed of change, happy to enjoy legal consumption in the meantime, and tired of the armchair activism posts. The frequency of posts on this sub about the same issues has gone up which can be tiring to wade through when you're looking for info on new deals or strains. I 100% support homegrow and a rec program but multiple posts a day from someone saying why we need it or asking why we don't have it and when it's going to happen drowns out the good info. I mean, it's no secret that the program has problems and could possibly be better if we let John Q. Ohio grow his cousin's secret strain with terpenes that will blow your mind but it's not that kind of program yet and it's been rehashed repeatedly how to actually make progress outside the echo chamber that is a Reddit sub (e.g., support legislators who take action, pressure legislators to vote on bills, make public comments on Board of Pharmacy proposed rule changes, sign and share voter referendums, etc.).

  4. Plodding_Mediocrity AMEN brother!! I come here to find the best deals on quality smoke and its just people nitpicking over the tiniest details when I just want to buy a bag and medicate 💁ill conserve my fucks for more important things

  5. I can concede there probably is some fatigue over the "bitching" posts. I think this week I finally hit my personal brick wall with it. I'd think more folks would be up for some direct action as well. Can you kind of see though how a product/deal focused atmosphere might give off the impression of a controlled narrative though? It's just such a bummer here compared to other states. I used to enjoy going to dispos (still do in MI and CO) but there's just too much paranoia and shame in the air here.

  6. I’ve been saying this since I got my card so I feel u on this but like I’ve said people are cool being fucked over cause it’s semi legal and expensive as hell

  7. It's a weird scene..its almost like there's this almost unspoken worship or fear of the state. I figured a community of cannabis enthusiasts would be a little more liberty minded.

  8. Yeah our program sucks. I travel domestically for work a lot and have been in dispensaries in most recreational states and hear about medical programs from friends in a few other states.

  9. I literally could not care less how much I am paying BECAUSE I FEEL BETTER. My symptoms have improved, I’m not taking pharmaceuticals anymore. I’ll pay whatever to not vomit and poop all day long.

  10. It's about a whole lot.more than money...the atmosphere and culture is off. There's no solidarity amongst patients and shouting down of open dialog. You may be fortunate enough to be able to pay exorbitant prices, but what about your fellows? Also how would you address the use shaming? This is supposed to be an inclusive forum, not a good ol boys' club.

  11. Actually to be truthful, I think some of us are somewhat afraid. I lived in fear most of my life that I'd be locked up in a cage for doing something that makes me feel better since I was 13 years old and that in itself has contributed to many of my health problems living being paranoid all of the time. The stress it put on my mind caused terrible problems for my body.

  12. I think a bunch of “the other side” are on here. Employees, owners that are A-Ok with milking the patient dry. The employees openly get high on their breaks, and talk about smoking cones after work. They’re getting their bag, they’re going to downvote anything that challenges the corrupt system that serves them.

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