What's the deal with the tip system for dispensaries?

  1. I was under the impression that they weren't allowed to accept tips at all, since they are "pharmacy" employees under state law. My local Sunnyside has signs to that effect, but take change for charity instead.

  2. You know why there's a tip jar? Because dispensaries don't pay their employees well. Except for a couple outliers, most don't pay what they should. The greed is strong.

  3. I'm not sure the situation on tips. Just skimming thru the rules I didn't see anything that prevents it. I'm almost positive Strawberry Fields Dayton took tips at some point too. It's definitely not expected though and shouldn't be IMO. The funny thing is I do think there's a rule about caregivers taking tips. I think they can for gas, time, etc. But by how the rule is worded I don't think a tip is covered but it's kind of vague.

  4. Reimbursement of spent funds in the course of providing a service is not the same as receiving a tip. A reimbursement example would be money for gas used do deliver the medication.

  5. Hmm, either they haven’t been in any of the ones in my area or I just haven’t noticed them before. Believe I’ve only seen fundraising jars. But no it’s not expected going by all my encounters and the ones I’ve seen in person at least. I’d say if you think they’re super helpful or are just feeling generous that day leave something, if not you can just completely ignore it without having to feel weird about it lol.

  6. Pharmacy made sure that all the dispensaries understood that any collection for money needed to be pre approved by them and it needs to be a fund raiser for something that Pharmacy approves of.

  7. I'm not tipping a dime to those mother fuckers. Pardon my French, but not sorry. I do donate to the local charities Sunnyside donates to. But to even suggest they accept tips pisses me off. This isn't Texas Roadhouse, it's a medical pharmacy. Beyond unprofessional. I get it, they get paid shit by the dispensaries. I'm in the Cincinnati area. EVERYWHERE is hiring and the bus line will get you anywhere in the city that you need to go, if you don't have your own transportation. I have worked shitty retail jobs and food service jobs. I put my big girl undies on, put my nose to the grindstone and found a great job with great pay and benefits. Those jobs are out there. People need to understand that they will get what they settle for.

  8. For as much money as we’re getting bent over for this to me would be the straw that broke the camels back in our “medical program”.

  9. Indeed, workers rights in general are trash these days. Still pissed that I have a medical card yet a job can drug test and terminate me. In Canada drug testing is illegal except within a few special job sectors (safety oriented.) Invasion of worker privacy and all... Wish we could get everyone here to feel the same.

  10. We shouldn’t even have to feel like we should. The profit margins are already gross on crazy high volume of sales. It’s time for for people to be paid appropriately by the people that are making money off of them. Not the people paying 1990 black market prices for medicine.

  11. The sketchiest shit was when I worked at terrasana was the tip situation. Managers would tell us we weren’t allowed to take tips but allowed customers to contribute to our “lunch fund”. If I got tipped I would immediately have to give it to my managers. I never once got any lunch with any of the tip money I turned in. I’m 99% sure my managers were just picketing the tip money. Bunch of scum bag fuck bois that run that place when I was there

  12. They as in the dispensary that isn’t paying their employees a fair share? If that’s the case I’m with you and you shouldn’t be downvoted because you’re not wrong.

  13. A lot of dispensaries don’t follow the BOP practices. No tips allowed, just donations to charities that request help. Fundraisers are a good way to show that the industry is our community and everyone who works in these facilities is your neighbor or your friend or another patient paying the same prices as you. We’re all in this boat together whether it seems like it or not.

  14. I've only been to three dispos so far but have yet to see a tip jar present anywhere. I don't know how I feel I mean this a medicine so I kinda think of them as pharmacies....I don't tip my pharmacist however I have had some bud tenders give me really great tips on strains and terps and some really outstanding and friendly service,that I might have tipped if a jar was around.

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